Sunday, July 1, 2018

Slovenian police and psychiatrists orchestrate haraSSment at the local pharmaceutical company on a public sidewalk

According to MKULTRA scenario, they would now post signs in front of the factory and use video recordings made previously to claim how signs were there(signs can easily be manipulated, but on video is clear that three security officers couldn't point any sign presence that would suggest public how video recording of factory is not allowed from the public sidewalks).

Going back to pharmaceutical factory to video record building from public sidewalk. Germany was also involved in this harassment and Merkel personally gestured that somewhere in Germany(either in Germany or in Italy) there is factory with signs on sidewalk which state how video recording is prohibited. This case is related to local library as explained in video.

Videos on psychiatrists are coming as well as on damage done to my three androids and directed energy attacks.

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