Wednesday, July 11, 2018

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I got less than any of you folks...they blocked me from obtaining employment(have turned me down over 30.000 job applications on two continents - 5 years went on like this in no less than 8 countries on what another 7 years of horror followed on me), compelled me to survive on life savings which I collected on minimum wage and at times even working 24 hours straight, declined me the right to unemployment compensation/support of any kind, have labeled me as mentally insane and have used even direct energy weapons(ruined/modified my entire electronic equipment to drive me insane) to obtain their diagnosis as no proof existed for them in the past...despite all this, I state what your presidents/governments deliberately don't so you can exist(its not about freedom, but instead existence - neonazi, fascist, chetnik, and red coated gestapos don't care about freedom, but instead what I have disclosed on this very news site). Related to

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