Monday, July 9, 2018

How Ukraine could easily(& FAST) get back a hold of Crimea and Donetsk(and resolve all crises)

Simply by obtaining nuclear arsenal. Placing Russian minority in Ukraine on forced unemployment - within days, both territories would be returned under Ukrainian control.

Russian terrorism(RED COATED NAZISM/FASCISM) would exit Ukraine across the night. Peace(democracy) restored.

Ukraine just as Poland both(or either of the two) have the right to obtain such weapons as both were victims of Moscow and Berlin.

CAN YOU !!????

Read how traitors Denuclearized Ukraine

It is obvious that Ukraine didn't have any dirty intentions against Russians, and that whole thing is nothing else than continuation of Stalinist politics against Ukraine. Russia is aggressor(DEATH) just as Serbia was(and still is) on Balkans...

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