Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Here is how things will be played out

New Adolf Hitler(or Stalin if you like) also known as Putan Putanowich will get into war with totally unarmed Ukraine(THANK YOU (Po)ROSHEN(ko) AND TO UKRAINIAN PEOPLE WHO ARE STUPID ENOUGH TO TOLERATE YOU A SINGLE MINUTE).
After fall of Ukraine and in between, persecution of lured in EU refugees will start - same will happen in US, but in EU things will go in fifth gear(it will pick up fast in Europe - faith of American minorities at this point will be sealed as well as they no longer will be needed, but will take longer to annihilate them than in Europe)

Poland will turn to death(suicide) via Germany as Polish traitors in top Polish government wanted this(fall of Ukraine) to happen. Same will happen with Baltic states and British planes(same British who gave weapons to Russia for assault on Eastern Europe) will patrol Eastern part of Europe for a while(main stream media will blah blah, but it will all go to same old same and other country will again suffer same Russian aggression/ terrorism/ occupation/ death)...nazism/fascism will reach boiling point in Europe and France/ Germany/ GB/ Italy/ Spain/ Netherlands/ Belgium and so on will begun to openly aim at recolonization of the world. US will more and more aim at Mexico.

Colonization completed and this is when Slavs become new niggers(term "niggers" not used here against black people, but to give taste of reality which blacks are facing today to those Slavs who see them as part of Aryan Nordic race today - its an illusion convenient for Berlin which is spreading hatred throughout the Europe via refugees same as it did in WWII via Jews)
Your turn to pay price now(Russia and its territories will face unimaginable painful death via social engineering for the sake of Nordic Aryan race as they will totally depend on West - like heroin addicts depend on heroin - nowhere to turn for help and totally under control - from one side China and other West...most painful death imaginable is now conquering Russia...Americans, British, Germans and others are systemically populating Russia - they marry to the top Russian oligarchical structure and work their way down...some 130 + million Russians are murdered systematically via employment issues...same happens with Poles under German control and other Slavs...Germany gets what Russians and Ukrainians fought for one against one another...circle of death completed).

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