Sunday, July 8, 2018

Glory to the Russia is okay, but not glory to Ukraine according to beyond sick Russian apparatchiks

This only explains further just how mentally sick Kremlin is today and why urgent economical steps should be implemented against one(not what Berlin is doing, but real sanctions in which Berlin should also be penalized for supporting/financing Eastern European aggression via oil purchases from Russia - not buying to help Russia, but instead to escalate conflict between Slavs thanks to mentally sick Russian politics) addition to 10.000 Ukrainian soldiers(never mind murdered Ukrainian civilian population), occupied Crimea and Donetsk, Russia starved to death over 15 million Ukrainians in 1932/1933 and so on...numerous Ukrainians were murdered serving in USSR and have spent lives as jobless(bottom of society) people....

I almost begun to shout(as news which Kremlin is deliberately producing does stuff like this to people) on news like this "glory to Ukraine and death to Kremlin's dictator", but will instead ask you Putin/ Medvedev/ Lavrov and others incharge for Russian main stream media to please visit local psychiatrists and arrange very much needed therapies for yourself before it gets all to late for entire Eastern Europe(already is, but things will get much much worse with continuation of your presence on political stage)
If you truly love Russia guys, please ask them to help you(they will give you what they have gave to me because of you and a normal individuals will assume your positions)...
Desesperated G(K)remlins associate(remind you know as they stink so much that anything bad is helpful to stear public's interest away from the Russian past and present) slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” in bellow's article to tiny(A German Abwehr report from November 1943 estimated that the UPA had 20,000 soldiers;:188 other estimates at that time placed the number at 40,000 max) , but extremely murderous Ukrainian neonazi Insurgent Army which genocided over 100.000 Poles...and while it is completely normal/regular in Russia to say, "Glory to Russia"("Slava Rusiji" - I did it many times in the past), it is not normal according to Gremlins for Slav from Croatia in support of genocided Ukrainian people to say "glory to Ukraine"....

Off course Vida has friends in Russia...I have too, but I fear to even contact them because of politics in Kremlin...I don't want innocent poeple to get hurt beyond believable because of sickos.


Domagoj Vida, the Croatian player who scored twice in his team's World Cup quarterfinal win against Russia, has recorded a video with his former squadmate Ognjen Vukojevic, in which they dedicate the victory to Ukraine.

"Glory to Ukraine!" defender Domagoj Vida shouts in the nine-second video, using the controversial phrase that has come to be seen as a slogan of anti-Russian Ukrainian nationalists during and after the 2014 Maidan coup. Vida played for Dynamo Kyiv from 2012 to 2018 before moving to Besiktas.

"This victory is for Dynamo and for Ukraine," adds Vukojevic, also a former member of the Croatian national squad. Vukojevic is now a scout for Dynamo Kyiv in the Balkans.

Vida later explained that his shout-out, which is certain to jar many Russian supporters, wasn't an attempt to drag politics into sport. He said it was a 'joke' that Russians will understand.

"This victory is for Croatia. No politics," he told "It's a joke. I've got friends there [in Ukraine] since Dynamo Kyiv, I didn't mean anything else." When asked if he was worried that Russian fans might not get the joke, he said, "Why wouldn't they?"

"I like Russian people. It was just a joke."

Before becoming widely known as a patriotic motto of some modern Ukrainians, the slogan “Glory to Ukraine!” was previously used by nationalist paramilitary group, the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) during the WWII. The UPA is infamous for actively collaborating with the Nazis and unleashing an ethnic cleansing campaign against the local Polish minority.

The 2018 World Cup saw a similarly divisive political gesture earlier, when two Swiss players marked their win over Serbia with an 'Albanian eagle' salute, showing their support for the breakaway region of Kosovo, which Serbia doesn't recognize as an independent state. FIFA subsequently fined Granit Xhaka and Xherdan Shaqiri, both of whom share an ethnic Albanian descent, an equivalent of $10,000 each. On the same day, it fined the Serbian FA $54,700 for fans displaying discriminatory banners and throwing objects during the game against Switzerland.

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