Sunday, July 1, 2018


Past few days here was nothing but rain, but that didn't stop me from work...I would rehearse and rehearse(walk each time about 10 kilometers in rain and video record - haha) for new 4 hour long documentary on what beautiful surprise completed one(had three security officers rushing out of Krka factory when video recording from pedestrian walk/public sidewalk - they begun to harass as instructed by local police, but I wouldn't give in...I advised them of what situation is and police officer who arrived agreed with me - Krka pharmaceutical was involved in MKULRA) - stay tune for new documentary on psychiatrists and neighbors...

Its warm here in Slovenia at this time of the year and getting wet is actually blessing is how I feel(a vinyl bag on head is plenty enough protection when one is constantly moving - "drink C vitamin and exercise regularly and you have nothing to be afraid off" is Bear Grills would say ;)

Love nothing more than 5 kilometers swim in cold river...beautiful summer are all invited.

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