Thursday, March 1, 2018

News posted on behalf of Putan Putanowich and Serghei Lavrov by my neighbor Dane Kolenc

This is the interest rate for the ruined adapter.

"Tsar" Vlad Putanowich didn't obtain only through to me the latest technology in fields of psychiatry in 2001(brain mapping), special surveillance and forensic technology for his(and Belarus) and Slovenian police, but also a US military technology. New military technology in Russia is in fact in great portion modified American military technology(on justb how cautious US senators like Rick Perry and John McCain have to be with confgress whenever giving confidential information out to Russia....on how US Government have already begun to suspect Russia technology as per one being stolen from US).

Ukraine as well Baltic states were sold to the Russia in exchange for great global neonazi plan in which Russia will play its part. Nor will Europe or USA see anything in respect to war which will commence within he next few following days.

Sincerely yours,
Neighbors Dane Kolenc and Aleško Berger

PS. Come again to f*** with me and you will see. I can make you and I can break you. Definitely do not believe in you and even less will be used for you to example other on what can be done with them if unwilling to pledge their loyalty to you. Everybody was/is/and will be in much worse position because of you Putanowich. You are a death and for decency and humanity. Criminal cancer is what you are.

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