Thursday, March 8, 2018

VIDEO: 2 of 2 Netanyahu possibly sends even his niece to Slovenia to get me in Israel.

In this portion, I submit more proofs and explain on how/why all this(who designed it all and why - neighbor Berger did to apologize/excuse elites in-front of parents). Dating site Badoo demonstrates us on just how governments have gone to cluster mind of normal individual...

Other scenarios not mentioned on video which I was suggested under MKULTRA were that I would be hospitalized in same hospital as where psychiatrist Tatjana Prokselj works and would have to engage in sex with her to see the day light again(ZORAN MUDZA did that abuse)....that she will be handling work which will involve handling people on suicide watch per state of Israel - would be in-charged for me in Israel and that this work would be used to give her experience in this very field and so on(psychological abuse to this very degree, nobody could possibly survive - I did and its what psychiatrists do).

Russian state suggested that they need this very video to condition Putin(will use one as dirty proof against him) if one would perform poorly in Ukraine. Related to

I feel pity that Russia have fallen down as far as this...this is total disgrace to which major world leaders involved in this case now witness and are laughing.

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