Thursday, March 1, 2018

He seats in there and is polluting(Putining) with brain cancer entire world

He is playing with people's sanity(confusing most loyal people on patriotism issues while engaging in genocide against them) and will play till his fat luck runs out for which he hopes never will since he traded Russian past(WWII victory) for new tsarist title (what Ukraine deal via West should bring him)

Nope...I can't stand either him or Lavrov(or Medvedev as this is nothing more than a team of parasites whose personal interests are priority vs basic needs of people).

For bellow news, the one guilty is Russia as one didn't take care basic needs(my personal needs) of an individual to whom one have created enormous(UNLIMITED) amount of evil and from whom at the same time one have also enormously benefited from. 

You had more than enough time and to remove(replace) his ass and normalize my circumstances after you created hell out of my life. And for such system, I claim for Russia and world to be better off without one existing.

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