Tuesday, November 21, 2017

Why I never ever would date Western woman

Because they pertain to criminal systems which attempted to exterminate us Slavs in the past time and again. The last proof about their criminal intentions was their disrespect for our Eastern European women(never mind that I never ever received a single cent for my work performed and for keeping silent about the abuse that they committed on me - just look how they see our women as). Because Russian(Slavic) women are way more beautiful. And the most important, because dating any of them,  I would open them a door to the world which they never ever should be part of(its all about manipulation and not real feelings when in bed with Western women..in my case, scum would only cover up their deadly failures/intentions since I have managed to disclose to the world about who and what they are all about...my getting in bed with Western woman would be used further to hide truth about who they are from our people). THEY SIMPLY ARE = NOOOO GOOD !!!

Just as the case is with John McCain's daugher...they marry for interests....potentials on how to destroy and control certain territories...when you see them for what they really are, you see something very very ugly...you began to hate whatever is white in you alone...

WATCH TRUTH ABOUT WHITE GENOCIDE IN SOUTH AFRICA RIGHT HERE http://dai.ly/x5xhya2 OR https://goo.gl/UkCX67 OR https://goo.gl/z6Zdzw OR https://goo.gl/Miexiv OR https://goo.gl/HJxTNh 
OR https://youtu.be/R7NYRYwJmO8 OR https://vimeo.com/230370662 OR http://video.fc2.com/en/content/20170821ZE9pMgLE/

Boer Afrikaner death threats and deletion of my 5 year work from Facebook http://ausertimes.blogspot.si/2017/08/boer-afrikaner-death-threats-and.html Video can be seen also at: http://dai.ly/x5y10yc OR https://goo.gl/uTuqTi OR http://video.fc2.com/en/content/20170824GSDpCmvc/ OR https://goo.gl/JwtUN6 OR https://goo.gl/tokbKS OR https://vimeo.com/230973716

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