Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Life is brutal in NOWAY(Norway) says Nordic Gestapo !!! Come to the city and country of so called "Nobel Prize"(deadly NEONAZI bigotry and hypocrisy unmatched on global scale) to experience freedom and high quality of life(its what index says, but its far from truth).

Many arrive to Norway in search for better life(promised higher quality of life) as are invited there by Norwegian NEONAZI government after their countries are either bombed or in serious need of economic attention. It is a part of bigger AmeroGerman NEONAZI picture that is used to slaughter on earth everything that is classified as non "Aryan".
Behind the facade of of so called "Nobel Prize"(Awarded for outstanding contributions for humanity in chemistry, literature, peace, physics, or physiology or medicine), is brutal reality....if you are not part of "Aryan" Nordic DNA infrastructure, this will be your future(many children of immigrants to Scandinavia eventually
latter on either immigrate to USA with new Norwegian names due to persecution or what is depicted to them as "better opportunities" in county of brave and free...its a mistake just as previous change of their identities was = USA is where they disappear for  good olle American words, they disappear in a "discrete" way because Americans are brainwashed into discretion/privacy lifestyle till deleted) is called social engineering and with ability to engage in human experimentation on foreign children, Norway nor Sweden or Denmark can't go wrong with it :)))) 

This is why baboons like Obama are more than welcome to Oslo...this is why they receive Nobel prizes of all kinds because Norwegian NEONAZI system needs to cover up system beneath the "human rights" facade !!! Baboons never complain about anything either and care about their own "credibility" ONLY till its their turn !!! 
Imagine to be capable to separate children from parents at young age as seen here and use them as future Eastern European Slavic criminals in perfect Aryan Norwegian society, drill holes in their skulls and stab their brain with implants, derange sadistically their brain under MKULTRA, rape them as pleased, inject them with viruses and future drugs, conduct on them free biomarking, use them to misrepresent reality about Norwegian society(alter their sexual as well as racial preferences via chemical lobotomies) to the world etc. etc...possibilities are endless and Norway, makes no mistakes as I myself was part of here mentioned....Norway uses this possibilities to find ways on how to exterminate non Aryans from face of the earth, because "beauty of the white woman must not disappear"(just that "white" is not even 10% of what is considered as white race for this gestapo governments) is what NEONAZIS which exterminated some 27 million Russians and 6 million Poles say. 

Be watchful when your governments wherever you are suggest you work anywhere in  Sscandinavia or Germany(watch out Americans - you too can land here) because there is a great reason why that work is suggested to you and why one is not available to you in your local environment(there is Nowegian/Swedish Dr. Hannibal Lecter just waiting for you to fact, he can't wait for you to get there fast enough...they will be taking in Ukrainian population now because they have too learn on how to decode one - you have to study carefully habits and biomarking of each nation/region to learn matrix of those before you can take nations down with precision of surgical scalpel).

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George Bush's Pentagon diligently collected(created) a biomarker of Russian DNA for proper extermination of Russian population

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