Thursday, May 9, 2024

There was a last time I have seen a Chinese guy who became shortly my friend in Novo mesto city in 1992 - Milan Kučan sealed his faith after they forced one to engage in MK Ultra crime against me for the sake of Milan Kučan

Nobody had any Chinese friends in Novo mesto city as there were close to none in 1990/1991. I had one because Chinese sent one to Novo mesto. I welcomed him to Novo mesto and offered one friendship. He wasn't happy about what he have seen with his own eyes in 1993 and tested on his skin. I changed too. I wouldn't see one anymore in real time, but only during MK Ultra. He was forced to turn violent on me in as early as in 1992 when Kučan had one delivered at 85 Pod Trško goro parking lot which was a MK Ultra gathering location out on open. He was gone probably to Ljubljana possibly in 2013 or even much much earlier. I felt as if he left in 1996 after I left to US in 1995. Its possible as we all grew older, I no longer would recognize one but there also was a factor of treason that angered me in people and always let them know how I felt about it as I to would begun to retaliate despite being in no position to. In my head as he wished me farewell in 1995, he departed to Ljubljana in 1996 and its also what he stated me will do. It could be he had even two sisters am unsure about it. And its even highly possible he was from Taiwan and not China 

Individual or even two were from Taiwan and have arrived here through Lojze Peterle due to extremely hostile environment Chinese begun to create in Slovenia against me together with Milan Kučan whom Kučan convinced was in their best interest to et me destroyed - China's foreign policy at the time supported re creation of so called Yugoslavia which Kučan bagged Chinese side for. This boy left to Ljubljana in 1996 as Novo mesto city was unbearable to live in for anyone who wanted to keep his nationality in tact. It eventually grew into Milan Kučan's private crime fortress with police enforcing people's political views and regulating through employment as well as crime even their nationalities. I am even unsure weather Peterle imported those guys from Taiwan to help me as he claimed or to worsen my situation even more as Chinese launched against me war atop of the war - I obtained a new title which suggested my being supporter of Taiwan against China and with which I had absolutely nothing to do. I knew about Thailand from map where one existed and that was it. It angered me because I liked Chinese, but those begun to display me twisted attitude in return siding with Kučan who hoped would drive me insane with it...

Milan Kučan was a pure evil. A crime boss.

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