Sunday, April 9, 2023

@Bajrakityabha - I always will happily receive you if you ever make it

 No sorrow is in my heart in respect to you and/or your family. If you will visit, however, its only you who I do like to meet as first. No substitutions whatsoever. I know you have to report yourself to Ljubljana police upon each entry(SO I WAS DEMONSTRATED AND BLACKMAILED ALSO BY SLOVENIAN MILAN KUČAN POLICE AS PER HER SAFETY IN SLOVENIA) into Slovenia, but at my place you can stay only as a regular female friend(special yes, but no royal). Slovenia has no right to interfere with your visitation to my location OR IN LIFE CONCERNING MY PRIVACY/LEGAL MATTERS as is nothing for Slovenian state other than to obey laws - DOMESTIC AND THOSE OF EUROPEAN UNION WHICH SLOVENIA IS MEMBER STATE. We have no king or queen here. No royals or anyone whom special privileges are granted beyond those of regular citizens. Same as to applies to USA which citizen I also am as you know...

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