Saturday, April 15, 2023

@Bajrakitiyabha - girl, I will miss you badly

You broke my heart many times before and I broke in return yours :)))))))) hehehe(you broke mine more than I did yours, but anyways), I just want to say I will miss meeting you in person. And this time it truly will hurt as hell. Apart from your father and grandfather whom I can't relate in any way, you got to know me better than anybody and I got to know your "did best to look mysterious" somewhat is go on. Do it one more time this time leaving real tears in my eyes(never knew why I had no ability to shed tears and guess what - it was MK Ultra). I love your mom and Siri no worries, but with your departure don't want to meet anyone from your family in my life time nor see Thailand ever again. Wishing you best of luck. Its a really beautiful picture anyways....

Also involved in MK Ultra and a very good friend of her Thai mentor Bajrakityabha was/IS Ituma....

Ituma death: no warning signs say team mates

We would have intervened say Igor Volley Novara players


(ANSA) - ROME, APR 14 - The team mates of Julia Ituma, the 18-year-old Italian volleyball player who died after falling from a window in a hotel in Istanbul on Wednesday night in a suspected suicide, on Friday expressed shock and sorrow at what happened.
    "We would have wanted so much for Julia to have shared her pain because, in life as in sport, any hurdle becomes easier to overcome if you face it together, as a team," the Igor Volley Novara players said in a statement.

    "We are unable to come to terms with what happened, we can't make sense of it.
    "Nothing gave a signal that something like this could happen, otherwise we would have intervened, supporting each other as we are used to doing every time one of us finds themselves in difficulty".
    Turkish newspaper Hurriyet reported on Friday that Ituma told her team mates and coach she was not feeling well and wrote "goodbye" in the team's WhatsApp group.
    Ituma was in Turkey for a Champions League match with the team.


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