Sunday, May 2, 2021

To Slovenian orangutans inside of the Slovenian parliament - nobody will go to Budapest where even car was stolen from free parking lot in 2017, then vandalized(broken) wherever stored, and brought home as such after higher than value of the car ransom was paid to Hungarian government

 I remember all these - "your last opportunity" is what I was told under MK Ultra in 2015/2017. 

Its 1 investigative police officer I need -everyone will find within proofs I collected a reasonable suspicion on which prosecution will follow up all the way to the top of UN(they have people in UN with police badges who will ask top UN people about involvement in case) and then down to local governments.

Recognize admit and confess about crime are different things and this case ugly.

Stuff as seen here necessary to BREAK THEIR DREAM WORLD THEY ARE IN WITH REALITY as they lied and tend to lie to colleagues on how they have it all under "control". 

They have NOTHING and NO ONE under any control, but soon will do job duties and as paid for.

Nekje se ne vidim 50 let starega parkiranega na obrobju Budimpešte spečega v avtomobilu ki se bo plazil z zlomljeno hrbtenico do klicnega centra kjer bo opravljal svoje delo se kopal-umival v barju ali pa recimo vozil po Franciji kjer bi zbiral kolesa avtomobilov z starimi gumami iz jarkov in pekel koruzo na rabljenem motornem olju katerega bi mi donirali mehanični servisi in tako naprej...morda Poljaki tako delajo(o temu so sanjarili) vendar sam nisem pristal še na takšnem nivoju navkljub vsemu.

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