Tuesday, June 5, 2018

TIME TO GIVE POLAND AND UKRAINE NUCLEAR ARSENAL: Kremlin calls Poles(along with American soldiers or vice versa if you like) just a cannon fodder for nuclear war:

Merkel's bet to support Putin economically(use GB and US to equip one with deadly military toys) paid off very well as today's Kremlin is a real threat to Slavic and even Russian existence(Germans have other nations that do dirty job for them now and those include Russia)

We didn't have relations(total hostility) like this since fall of the USSR. I would suggest for Moscow to seriously evaluate Putin/ Medvedev/ Lavrov's state of minds, but they are not alone in there...just like terrorists do, Kremlin also understands only "tit for tat" system. Kremlin thinks like rapists do, "I have the right to do it if I can do it"(as long as you can't defend yourself its okay/justified to do it)...

Kremlin's "smaller and weaker are always guilty" system is alive and well !!!

From rt.com:

Recently, we learned that Poland is ready to pay up to $2 billion for a permanent US military base on its territory. The Pentagon has reportedly agreed to consider the deal blahblah blah...

DEAR FOLKS...I AM NOT INTO KREMLIN'S BLUNDER MISHMUSH(its what their articles translate and the only one in this world who understands their crazy views are themselves), SO I WILL END WITH FINAL SENTENCE FROM THEIR ARTICLE...

"Whether all this is necessary is highly debatable."

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