Thursday, June 14, 2018

THIS IS TRUTH/ITS A FACT: Russian Lawmaker Alleges Conspiracy in Sexual Harassment Claims

I state here as a witness of Leonid Slutsky, that his claims about sexual harassment are facts. 

I also tell other Russian lawmakers that direction which country is taking is direction to nowhere. You and your families too will become victims of Putin's mental sickness(today its me and Slutsky - who will be tomorrow !!???? Which one of you...). Its not only portion of population that is hurt or will be hurt, but entire country.

I am sad for the Russia...sad for Slavic relations as to where whole thing have brought us to...

The Russian lawmaker at the center of the country’s biggest sexual harassment scandal said there is an ongoing conspiracy against him, and pointed to threats that an audio tape of the alleged harassment incident could be released as proof.

State Duma deputy Leonid Slutsky was publicly accused by three journalists this year of groping and lewd behavior, leading some news outlets to boycott the lawmaker and the lower house of the Duma. An ethics commission dismissed the claims in March, despite one news organization saying it has an audiotape.

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