Thursday, June 14, 2018

DON'T DO THIS WHEN IN RUSSIA: Inflated Duck Lands Russian Activist in Jail

Anything can land you in jail in Russia, but this is nothing was like this in old USSR where KGB would ransack ongoingly homes of people during their absence(when at work or outside) a tourist, you would get extra security who would follow you around even to restroom. 
What is new, however, is that NEONAZI/FASCIST garbage such as Austrian(German) Sebastian Kurz, Italian Berlusconi, French Macron and others are applauding as seen here...they even call for end of economic sanctions on Russia and are excited about war in Donbass and occupied Crimea(they crave for violence between brotherly Slavic nations and within nations alone - in another words, you should ask yourself why is so)...

A St. Petersburg activist has been handed a stint behind bars for displaying an inflated duck from an apartment window during a protest last month.

The yellow duck has come to symbolize corruption in Russia after opposition leader Alexei Navalny’s high-profile 2016 investigation into Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev’s alleged summer home suggested that it included an exclusive home for ducks.

St. Petersburg police detained Artyom Goncharenko on Sunday for showing a giant inflated duck from an apartment window during Navalny’s election boycott demonstration on Jan. 28, local youth activists said.  

The OVD-info police monitoring group cited Goncharenko’s fellow activist Yaroslav Putrov as confirming that police kept Goncharenko overnight because of the inflated duck.

The court sentenced Artyom Goncharenko to 25 days for violating public assembly rules, the St. Petersburg court system announced Monday.

Navalny, who was charged with violating the same public assembly rules for a brief appearance at the Jan. 28 boycott, has been barred from presidential elections in March due to fraud charges his supporters say are politically motivated.

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