Friday, March 2, 2018

What does Putin know about Thailand - his old criminal patterns don't change(Viktor Bout/Anastasia Vashukevich link).

The one who demanded torture to be performed on me was Vladimir Putan Putanowuch(now president Borut Pahor expressed on several occasions frustration for my being alive)  who also was obsessed with the idea to abduct me to Israel
Schwarzenegger to me, "I am sorry, but we just have to comply with it to get our global neonazi agreement going"(not that I would excuse neonazi JEWSA for violating absolutely everything written in US constitution in respect to the basic rights of citizens - not at all, US Government have done on own to law-abiding citizen what no other government dares or have dared to even think about - Putan Putanowich is exactly what his name suggests). And so they wrote and wrote on list Vladimir Putin's demands against me...deadliest parasite of Vladimir Putin is....most cancerous cancer on earth.

There is no doubt individual is a deadly psychopath who lurks on his victims with a smile on his face(many victims pose with maniac before death - its a Putin classic)...many Russian widows know written here(incl. widow of Dmitri Hvorostovsky) and main stream media's show in his name goes on to murder via betrayal more and more Russian patriots(his victims tend to mistaken smile for death just as I did for a while - NO MORE)...and where does it end !!????? Putin claims nowhere !!!

We are not talking here about Abramowichis(murderous oligarchs who have stolen from Russia on what "tsar" Putanowich granted them Indulgence based on their pledge to serve him rather than Russian state), but instead Russian military personnel who marched in certain death(recently in Syria several hundred Russian soldiers marched straight into death so Putan Putanowich could example military personnel with what can happen for even doubting him), general Valery Asapov(real hero and its where heroes under Putin end, so he could write news on how his bomber latter retaliated for his death - have photos of him and Valery Asapov posted in media and so on - s***t happens Putin !!! Am I right !!????) and so on and so on...

Thailand in Putan Putanowich's criminal mind and his Amero connections...

Who was Viktor Bout !!????

Who is Anastasia Vashukevich !!????

What you need to know before we get any further...Putin is a ruthless murderer(assassin) who kills everything around him that has the potential of disclosing the truth about his whereabouts...victims which ended on his death list included females with whom he had sexual affairs
(were used as disposable females for whom he cared less after he moved onto another victim unless impregnated - in fact, I believe there actually is woman right here in Novo mesto whose children are his and real question remains on how many others like her are out worries, she doesn't have any luxury as abandoned sex slave, but she gets bye and I was even suggested under MKULTRA on how later she and I would just live life "quietly" here in Novo mesto - 
quietly because  becomes inconvenient and in piece till death gets you/till news about you is lost from public).

Fact of the matter is that Anastasia Vashukevich was one of the females present during AmeroRussian whereabouts during which I had met her...they did detailed facial profiling of Russian women on me(just as they did of Chinese) and it became clear that Anastasia Vashukevich was used as a personal sex slave of Vladimir Putin and American politicians whenever those met in Belarus or Russia(I can't recall her in Slovenia)...beautiful young angel on which ugglier than uggly old politicians would gladly jump(TRUMPOS, JOHN MCCAIN, BUSH, PERRY - YOU NAME IT GEORGE BUSH WAS TRAINED RUSSIAN FACIAL LANGUAGE BY YOUNG KID OF ONE OF PUTIN'S MISTRESSES WHICH WAS ALSO USED FOR THE VERY SAME PURPOSE AND WITH WHOM I HAVE HAD AN AFFAIR WHEN IN BELARUS) to get their dogy duties done(I have no idea on how male with so much money uses female as disposable mean for his ejaculation on what is left behind in dust with rest of the dirt like she never ever even existed - we are talking about males and not male and we are talking about extremelly wealthy males and females who in the end find themselfs in situations as Anastsia did or even much much worse which will most likey be the case with her) Anastsia became much-needed liablity for Putan Putanowich and American government(don't worry Putin translates news like this to KGB as I cite, "eveything will be all right for as long as we stay in bed with our Amerikanski partnjori") old trick popped up in his was time to repeat Thailand trick(VIKTOR BOUT) !!!

Viktor Bout was a Russian patriot who risked his life for Russia on more occasions than what you can no longer was about money, but making sales so Russian economy(very bad shape back then) could go on with it...arms were his specialty just as John McCains are, just that Bout's case was case on much smaller level...Viktor Bout(called also as "merchant of death" who turned Iraq/Egypt/Syria/Afghanistan/Lybia and so into ashes - just being sarcastic here and have mistaken his name for John McCain for few seconds and whose media calls Viktor Bout as such) was just as another most devoted Russian patriot which however wasn't convenient for future "tsar"...future tsar had to remove regularly people like Bout(just like you empty trash can on your laptop/desktop, he removes credible/legitimate hairs of his throne as they represent possible threat) and he did so with aid of US department(in 2008, Putan Putanowich's power was in climax of his career as deal went into full effect with USA - Putin signed global neonazi deal with George Bush in Main in the year 2007). Am I correct Putko Putanowich and George W. Bulls***t !!?????? When things like this happen and they did(make no mistake), your "potential"(US deep state cares about Slavs as much as they care about blacks or Chinese or Arabs or Indians, but people somehow get strange ideas/confused on how American democrazy functions - its an illusion/lie that only foreigners know little about, non white or non Aryan white Americans, however, do - ask them and you will be amazied with their opinion on one) ally becomes your death on behalf of assassin which is hiding behind the curtain...AM I RIGHT PUTKO PUTANOWICH !!???? In 2007, I have avoided death for a millimeter when I almost slid with car over the precipe in a place called "hell"(if translated from Slovenia). MY BRAND NEW TIRES WHICH I HAVE JUST BOUGHT IN CITY OF KRSKO DISAPPEARED FROM THE CAR AND WERE REPLACED WITH UNKNOWN TIRES AND PLACED BACK ON CAR WHEN CAR WAS FOR SAME AGAIN !!! This much about my neighbor Dane Kolenc and Mitja Weeber/Veber !!!

I always wondered why my tires looked after the accident, but could never ever suspect that anyone out there could possibly do anything as described here...they did and I know now how/why !!! 

When father brought me back to the place of incident to collect tag that same evening and I have demonstrated him on just how skidding the road was due to oil film on asphalt, he laughed, "naaahhh...thats normal" is what he claimed !!! German Angela Merkel had "confiscated"(stolen ripped from me) about $500 USD in a internet theft from me as I ordered parts from Germany and local police which I have asked for help begun to persecute me instead by simply delaying investigation...when I was compelled to complain against one and have won case against one via senate, police sent instead in the house psychiatrists which begun to demand from me US passport and gesture me with hospitalisation if not leaving Slovenia immediately(I consequely ran for life just as Anastsia is trying to do right now back to USA just to be unemplyed without the rights of any kind - no unemplyment compensation and have ended sleeping even in the car)...just 3 years latter, Slovenbian psychitrists involved in overseas abductions label(brand me) me as mentally sick on what am hospitalized and tortueed to know what the situation is now. And this is what Thailand is for Putin and neonazi JEWSA !!! Its where you disappear just like this and no trace is ever found after must go on !!!

@Russian KGB....How much longer will this loser coward kill like this even person like myself via which you have obtained latest technology !!???? How many more innocent victims like Bout/Anastasia...people who sacrificed for Russia, but are no longer needed !!???? How much longer before you do what you are required to do !!????

Putin to me in Isreal, "you will see me only one more time after you are abducted to Israel and soon after that you will die"(year 2006 - Tel Aviv)...


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