Sunday, March 4, 2018

Slovak NEONAZI collaborator(sellout of Slovak people who preferably would exile Slovaks to make new lebensraum for Germans under Hungarian occupation = what AustroHungarian slavery was) spits in eyes of the nation by calling frontline of Slovak democracy a 'dirty anti-Slovak prostitutes'

First of all, I do love to get him in my hands for using words I cite, "dirty anti-Slovak prostitutes" !!! And this foremost because women are for the most part victims of filth(human trafficking
and social inequality issues imposed against them by criminal class/elite with idea to get them in particular quandary - force them into selling their bodies to somewhat catch up economically with the rest of the society) as seen in this article(you Fico - you and yours alike) and second for his double standards(as its not only how you dare to call women - I know I know Fico...they are just a weaker sex whom you can call as pleased "grab them by the pussy" you little uggly perverted Trumpo from Slovakia - Not Slovak, but instead dirt from Slovakia is what you are as fascists/neonazis treat and see women as objects - NOT human beings, but instead as objects/ items/ cattle/ property) when it comes to frontline defense of the country which is represented by brave jouranlists(they are more at risk than even top police officers as they go beyod police - pointing out in criminal politicians like yourself/ Orban/ Trump/ Merkel/ Berlusconi and so on, entire coutries/systems) - you wouldn' dare to call a foreign politician(even if in the same rank) and even less a real man as stated in your article in the face outside of those gates that hide your ass.

Here is my message for you little mobster thug - am on the same page as De Niro is...but not only in respect to Trump - you too punk !!!

You are a disgrace for every normal male on this planet...

I will repeat...hard-working journalists carry their heads on display night and day and sometimes pay just as Jan Kuciak and even his fiance did for doing job that corrupt(dismantled - modified - hijacked) police wouldn't...I actually propose for the Slovakian constitution to adopt as a free day a day dedicated to this young couple(he was 27 years old when he gave his live for his Slovak people), so they can learn to respect real values(price) of democracy !!! As far as you Fico and Orban...Berlusconi...I hope they get you and lock you up for life !!! And by the way...One of the most beautiful women in the world are Slovakian women...I learned that when I was 13 years old on the trip to Bratislaava...just waw...

Slovakia's PM calls journalists 'dirty anti-Slovak prostitutes'

Robert Fico lashes out over questions about alleged procurement anomalies related to the country’s EU presidency

Slovakia’s prime minister, Robert Fico, has hit out at journalists questioning him about allegations that public procurement rules had been broken during the country’s EU presidency, describing them as “dirty, anti-Slovak prostitutes”.

Fico has long had poor relations with media critical of him or his government, refusing questions from certain journalists and in some cases filing lawsuits.

On Wednesday he stepped up his rhetoric, becoming angry when asked about allegations made on Sunday by Zuzana Hlávková and the anti-corruption watchdog Transparency International.

“Some of you are dirty, anti-Slovak prostitutes, and I stand by my words,” Fico told journalists. “You don’t inform, you fight with the government.”

He also said the accusations were a targeted attack to smear Slovakia’s EU presidency, which ends in December.

Hlávková was part of a team at the foreign ministry tasked with organising cultural events to mark the presidency, including a ceremony in February to unveil its logo.

At a news conference on Monday held in conjunction with Transparency International, she accused her superiors of pressuring her into sidestepping public procurement for the ceremony, and working instead with an events agency close to Fico’s leftwing Smer party.

She also alleged that a concert marking the start of the presidency in July was organised without public procurement, and that the cost of organising the event had been set higher than required.

Transparency International said on its website that “feigned public procurement” was a crime and that it had asked three watchdogs to look into the case, namely Slovakia’s public procurement bureau, its anti-monopoly bureau and its supreme audit office.

Police declined to comment.

Speaking at the same news conference as Fico, the foreign minister, Miroslav Lajčák, also rejected the accusations. “Everything was in line with the law, and the budget allocated for the presidency won’t be even fully spent,” he said.

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