Thursday, March 1, 2018

Microwawing commenced again

Yesterday and today, I got no more than 8 hours of sleep total. It is not as bad as being beaten up in the past few times(one time after two hours of sleep to extreme when I would just lay down on soffa in living room for about two and half hours to get myself together, s I could proceed - took another 7 hours to feel somewhat better) , but its not acceptable either ...Berger.

I am without magnetic field sensor/magnetic compass sensor on androids(I bought cheapest androids and EMF detector, however, one can't function without magnetic sensor) and can't therefore do anything about it.

M-net power-1 is without this magnetic field sensor and so are two homtoms(HT7 and HT16).

I can also hear again sound(noise similar to tinnitus which started for he first time in my life down here in this room about 4 months ago).

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