Saturday, March 3, 2018

In respect to computer repair shop where I went for computer investigation only that Mitja Weber/Veber buys all dirty equipment through them so no one can point at him !!!

The company known as "Comlan trženje in servis računalniške opreme d.o.o", where I went for computer investigation and have paid them 30 Euros just to open the laptop(they wouldn't even allow me to video record whole thing in peace when laptop was opened) , was not only involved in MKULTRA against me - these people actually supplied Mitja Weber/Veber with dirty equipment, so one was capable to use one against me and other victims - this is local by government trusted shop(BY NOVO MESTO POLICE) used to conceal online orders from public which are used to destroy others' property. I remember very very well his words under MKULTRA...things get even computer was actually destroyed in this very company. They dreamed about abduction to Israel and so on(even that they will watch me do my stuff in room at times - meaning that many residences in the city of Novo mesto are bugged via police and even computer shops), but this is nothing new as Novo mesto police had revolvers pointed at me under MKULTRA along Mossad...they played/simulated abduction scenarios when in reality its really easy for police to do whatever they are pleased too with victims as is no one out there to grab them...

Same goes for the "Medic sistemi, informacijske tehnologije" shop which is located right next to the Novo mesto's court where state prosecutor Bojan Avbar operates. While they didn't touch my laptop at my knowledge, I was gestured under MK-ULTRA how other company would...fir this company how they wouldn't get involved in the matter regardless of my needs....they discouraged me from pursuing future laptop investigation and have threatened to stalk me even in Maribor in case I would attempt to try luck in another city...owner(has cameras all over the repair shop) wouldn't even answer the phone when own employees called him...

Off course that I will press criminal charges against both...and this for a little bit more than just stinking 30 Euros !!!

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