Friday, June 23, 2017


NEW AUDIO RECORDING: Mossad's roommate “Ludwig(Ludvik) admits that he was in my tiny town Novo mesto, Slovenia(this very dude just as the other residents here were involved in my abductions already), he knows Benjamin Netanyahu is president(he refuses to state where - he pretends stupid, but this is the only president he knows for) but doesn't know who presidents of Belarus or Lithuania are when asked, he have changed story about money(he have plenty now), he doesn't know if he was in Israel and much more...all audio recorded !!! DO YOU NEED MORE PROOFS !!???? this is extremely dangerous situation and nobody acts !!! Nobody seems to care about "light at the end of the tunnel" !!! WHY !!!?????

"The light" already was the death for over 250 million whites worldwide and it is how one will resolve my struggle against Satan's state as well if am brought in front of that decision !!! Make no mistake about that...I do NOT want to know or care about per who is awaiting on me on the other side of that tunnel(NO female that I have met or proposed or likened on dating sites will be greeted/tolerated by me in Satanic Israeli state to make myself clear !!! This was part of the deal which sadistic MKULTRA maniacs have suggested me when abducted to Israel)...

In Minsk's hostel, I have audio recorded also another MKULTRA guy who bragged the same and have even shown me people with whom he was from my town on his viber application(what other proofs do you people need to act !!???)...

Video part one(at least) in respect to ZIO fascist from Donetsk will be released today(perhaps even both

What will be released in two parts on this terrorist alone:

Original audio recordings of:
---Vova(Vladimir) tries to get statement from me that Ludvik and I made Bahram insane and that I screwed fridge(all answered with audio recordings)

it was Vladimir who the one who have repeatedly humiliated Ludwig in front of me with intention to get me involved in circle of terrorists stationed at this same residence(and I did fall for trap and ended investing in Ludwig enormous amounts of time, money, and energy), audio on which Bahram have made Vladimir wait one hour for fishing trip on what Bahram have decided to disregard one and stay at home...

That fridge issue was used to obtain from me admission in something I haven't done - I actually video recorded fridge to prove infront of security whom he have called on me that all food is frozen and ice can be clearly seen - Vladimir never complained about others who have used this same electricity outlet as I did....

I respond to Vladimir who is trying to force me to verbally agree with him on how Ludwig screwed Bahram(since Ludwig have given Vladimir the opportunity to approach me by leaving that day bathroom dirty by playing audio "Bahram is a pussy"(its what Vladimir used to call Bahram)...

---Vova(Vladimir) loves Los Angeles colorful women and not white Belarus or Russian(he also flirted and wanted me to flirt with Ugglier than uggly Yezidi women - all audio recorded).

---ZIO fascist Vova(Vladimir) sees nazis in everything and Putin helps nazis according to Vladimir...according to Vladimir, nazis used mkultra to fuck his wife and they fuck children and everything....and I was the one who have fucked Ludwig(not Vladimir who have insulted while I helped him). ALL AUDIO RECORDED !!!

---Vowa somehow gets information from someone about my internet activities and when I start posting on internet after being isolated for long time due to most severe attack possible on daily bases(I wasted time recording everything and documenting), residents get very angry when i post on forums(outside of the Facebook)...vowa gets into my face and starts to threaten me...suggests me with loony house and much more and you can hear other resident going insane as well(idea was to simply abuse me and isolate me from world and take me to Israel, but plan have fallen apart since I made myself again seen on intenret) !!! MY COMPUTER WIRED WITH KEYLOGGER - info may be distributed to other residents via phone or Iraqi family which hates Muslim religion(ALL AUDIO RECORDED) and likes Israel.

---Vladimir repeats over and over again(on some 20 occasions) I cite, "You are all the love Russia and Belarus, but violate Russian laws"...(all audio recorded and I would like to know how many people have he murdered !!! This ZIO fascist(just like Ludwig) was in my tiny home town Novo mesto when I was abducted(Slovenian politicians were heavily involved in my abductions - my closest "friend",  traitor Simon was used for MKULTRA along Americans, Jews, and my family from Slovenia about whom at that time nobody knew nothing and those were able to freely lie as pleased to other politicians who have seen ordeal....) !!! ALL AUDIO RECORDED !!! ITS YOU WHO IS CRIMINAL AND NOT MYSELF OR OTHER VICTIMS WHICH WERE SUBJECTED TO YOUR SICK PRACTICES !!!

---The day earlier my military backpack gets cut again and Vladimir calls me out to fix my clothing which is on grass as rope broke according to him - it becomes obvious that all residents are in-charged to inflict as much as possible physical damage on my personal property...he cut rope and he cut backpack...all audio and video recorded !!!

Vladimir whom I have given free internet since Iraqi family lied to me about internet(they claimed that internet is bad and that with prepaid internet you have nothing to worry if you don't pay a the end of the month - in Belarus you have to pay even if you prepay one), also lied to me about one and have afterwards attempted to claim me that he told me that I have to cancel one or will get again charged and much more...

ALL THE RESIDENTS HERE ARE TERRORISTS RELATED TO ISRAEL !!! IF ANYTHING ELSE WILL BE RELEASED, IT IS BECAUSE SOMEONE ELSE DID IT AND AM NO LONGER HERE !!! THEY HAVE THREATENED(conditioned me) ME WITH GERMAN MADE SAW OR CHOICE TO LIVE PEACEFULLY IN AMERICA TILL I BECOME FORGOTTEN BY PUBLIC(then you already know what happens) !!! This was used as extreme threat during one of MKULTRA operations to which I was subjected to and I do have audio recording to prove my claim as well !!! Even after I have posted online this incident very same morning, someone begun to use electric chain saw outside(all audio recorded)...THIS IS BEYOND INSANE AND IT IS YOU WHO SOMEHOW ALLOW ALL THIS !!! WHEN AM DONE WITH THIS TERRORIST, I WILL GO TO LUDWIG WHO HAVE DONE SEEN HERE ON GOD ONLY KNOWS HOW MANY TIMES AS WELL !!! THIS IS A KILL STATION UNITED NATIONS AND BELARUS GOVERNMENT IS USING ONE WITH OTHER GOVERNMENTS TO KILL SPECIALLY AMERICAN WHITES THAT REBEL AGAINST THE SYSTEM(Belarus gov. encircles you with people who are trying to brainwash victims on just how bad Russia is...even how dirty that Russia is and how clean Belarus is when in reality Belarus people have to go to Russia to earn money and Belarus is used to suck whatever money is left from Russia...streets are not clean because they want them clean, but to humiliate Russia and promote will see old Ladas parked on streets deliberately to terrorize people like myself who were subjected to MKULTRA and Belarus people and driving around new American made cars...I was taken in neighborhood by government woman which was used to get me even in Israel to suggest me how Belarus immigrants are wealthy thanks to America when in fact no economic takeover of the country can ever be done without immigrants like this that are used to show off American lies....there is too much to count and I have to dedicate separate video to this issues....Belarus is most corrupt white state in the world and names "Poroshenko and Lukashenko" both sound about the wonder why !!! Its because the two of you are the same !!! Belarus is used to drag Russia and Belarus people into arms of American slavery !!! Sabotage/corruption is evident in every corner of Belarus !!! They are trying to deprive beautiful people of beauty/identity, culture/folklore, and glorious history !!! New Lada models are hidden, and Jewish Lexuses as well as American made cars that you can't see anywhere else in Europe can be seen on every street corner !!!)...

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