Thursday, September 22, 2016

UN SPEECH 2016: Obama And His Holy War on White Race Exposed !!! THE END OF OBAMA !!!

Obama's United Nation 2016 speech explained and exposed !!! A real economic bubble that is about to explode(financial disaster),  white genocide in South Africa, racial war on the streets of Europe that took place during his speech while he even dared to demand for our countries to absorb more rapefugees, I explain what real economy is in this world and not what Obama suggests during his speech(the omitted and inconvenient truth for libetards and commietards is revealed - what Mexican presidents fear would become well known), social and main stream media exposed, words "racist is explained or why one can't even imply to white individual or white race, rejection of "integration" is explained, what best walls are made out of(not bricks - I tell you that), phenomena of ZEKA and EBOLA for Mr. Donald Trump should never ever become a matter of choice; it is your duty and legacy to this life !!!

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