Friday, June 1, 2018

When it comes to situation which we face today and where whole thing is heading, it shouldn't be brainer on what steps to take to protect freedom of existance(basic rules of democracy).

Its what I have proposed to Poland already under MKULTRA in 2005/2006, but was rejected and suggested by Poles and Slovenes on how am trying to split Europe...I will state no names, but know that I know exactly who suggested what and why. Fact of the matter is that today when our nations face an invasion of third world countries for the sake of new German neonazi Reich(its how hatred is built and its why they welcome as well as lure them to Germany/ UK/ Holland and so on), and invasion from East(Putan Putanowich's Kremlin territorial aggression) - we don't really have choice, but to unite Europe via democratic process(its when Italian Toto Cotugno ausertimes would get back his Europa and Russians a well-deserved rule of law - a democracy).
What we can't afford to CONTINUE is well explained above.

Obviously, those who protested my visions were either pro-German or pro-Kremlin....

If Israel made it(and sure should be our partner), we can do it too...all that is necessary is want too.

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