Saturday, June 9, 2018

VIDEO COMING: Borut Pahor and Serboslavs made even bigger mistake(WILL EXPAND CLAIMS AGAINST POLICE AND PSYCHITRISTS EVEN FURTHER) - there is psychiatric killing taking place in Slovenia against native Slovenian population for the sake of the ethnic cleansing

Domestic terrorist from Novo mesto - journalist Slobodan Jovič.

One of the Chetniks from Novo mesto involved in my MKULTRA case all along was a Serbian  journalist Slobodan Jovič(another is a  Serbian male nurse who lives in area where police station is located)

So Novo mesto police(JANEZ OGULIN) have at all costs attempted to protect this chetniks by creating the final case in which Slovenians with beards would be used(and also were involved in MKULTRA) as stalkers to confuse as per who is what is and even case of Jasna Švab where boyfriend Dušan Cunjak of victim Aida Novak suggested how she was wrongfully diagnosed with schizophrenia and murdered with untested medications(she was just as I was, but I did suggested on video that Vesna Švab suggested under MKULTRA on how she will visit even other clinics in Slovenia to see testing of medications on people with brain tumor symptoms - well, it just happens so that Mr. Dušan Cunjak who Complained about Vesna Švab is a BIG TIME Serbian himself and was used for same purpose as others bellow) !!!

Was Cunjak involved in MKULTRA !!?????  Yes, Cunjak(mixed Serb) was involved in MKULTRA and I can tell you that his girlfriend murdered Aida Novak is half Slovenian because I remember details from MKULTRA given to me by Borut Pahor. Borut Pahor just as Miroslav Berger attempted to manipulate/confuse on case by gesturing how I should side with Cunjak as one is wealthy and so on and would help me, well the truth is exactly the opposite of what Pahor suggested. Pahor further suggested and insisted on how black beard is Balkan image and I should just get along well with chetniks...on Šešelj how he knows many beautiful Serbian women and would be very helpful to me...

And so I video recorded individual's(black beard, but I believe they told me is from Bosnia - Bosnian people are targeted in Slovenia big time as well just as Croats and Slovenes are) car who was sent to stalk me(previously introduced as bully under MKULTRA) by police recently on several occasions(he is not Serb, but imitates chetniks to confuse per who is what is - its what Slovenian police wants to rebut my case)....failed to film another individual with beard who came to bully, but never mind because I know exactly who he is(is Slovenian whose wife is Serbian) and so on...important are details of people with their locations to now and instead rebut police attempt to rebut my case against GRAND SERBOSLAVIA.

Video is coming with title "For Whom the Bell Tolls NOW" !!!!

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