Friday, June 15, 2018

International complain will also be launched(completed - ready) today to courts and human rights organisations

Yeah, its about that time of the year, but  will not stop with complain only(to complain only is for the whimps/ weaklings/ losers/ crybabies), I want $$$$ and public apologies !!! I demand stricted condemnations for countries and politicians mentioned in my complain(its now that matters more than ever).

They claimed on how never ever will be done...its already done and I totally disagree with their terms(I will not accept you mercy change, you can stick one into your a****s).

Psychiatry, MKULTRA torture, and directed energy attacks were joke when compared to years of forced unemployment on two continents...It was then(between 2006 and 2010) when I really ate myself(when I started complain procedure in 2010, I wasn't completely myself because I didn't know even where I would start with complain and just how many years it would take to complete one)...

Just Imagine to work as over the road truck driver(low end minimum wage jobs whenever allowed to work) for a half a pay of what truck drivers get just to be denied yet again employment and financial assistance of any kind(you life savings used again for you to pay nothing more than bills and you are ongoingly conditioned sanity with mental hospital - for no less than 12 years folks as psychiatric terror started 6 years earlier that forced hospitalisation)...

United States of America have exercised by far the biggest genocide known to human kind in its entire history(on two continents) and this against own citizen and for this you will pay severely(I don't care if you did this for Russia or whomever, fact is that you have done it against own citizen - against US citizen and you have done in on two continents along with other Western European neonazi governments).

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