Thursday, June 14, 2018

Here is how things are - neighbor Dane Kolenc is using American made SEE THROUGH WALLS TECHNOLOGY GIVEN TO ONE BY SLOVENIAN POLICE

#1 Electronic attack came last night at between 0130 hours and 0200 hours from room of my father. It woke me up with wawes going through my brain because neighbor is unsure on how much he needs to use now to obtain same effect as in the past since am using aluminum cage. I left room at 0200 hours. I know this was the case because when I moved to block radiation in direction of father's room, blood pressure sound started to dwindle. At 0200 hours when I left my room, blood pressure went back to normal within one hour and for the last three days(since I build aluminum cage), there was no sound.

#2 Neighbor proceeded with attack this morning and have succeed with one as I didn't use any protection for the bottom.

#3) Novo mesto police have equipped neighbor also with see through walls technology(this technology was available to American police and military already at least 15 years ago as they dreamed/discussed about one under MKULTRA in 2005/2006 already).

And so its not difficult to track victim and cause one harm at all.

America supports Moscovian and Belgrade's terrorism against natives in other non-occupied Slavic countries.

I have blood pressure sound in my ears this morning, but will use facts on Slovenian police to present them to international organisations/courts....

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