Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Gareth Southgate is a Kremlin's spy to make myself clear

Was in Slovenia(same age as I am) in this very house and present on many other occasion in UK - is a great friend of Buckingham palace and a hard core neonazi(its why one is so in-loved in idea with Russia). He is violent and hateful individual(you never get to know people better than when placed in situation in which they have complete control over you and I know him very well - they behave then with attitude that otherwise wouldn't due to fears to be confronted and exposed).
Gareth Southgate was often times used as a chaperone of prince Harry(his body guard etc.). Other sportsmen were involved in it as well and its how they got their sports careers going(will not go into details of other people as I only hit at those who were violent with me).

Gareth Southgate's(and of many others as one can't defend himself under MKULTRA) violent character prompted interest in psychiatrists and in politicians as those didn't observe me only under MKULTRA...they studied also characters of people involved in MKULTRA per what could happen if those would have greater authorities....you are under government's microscope Gareth...

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