Friday, June 15, 2018

Air Force officer for whom US Government now claims have vanished and have worked for university system was involved in MKULTRA and didn't just vanished, but was granted "afterlife" by American political elite

Just another proof on how dangerous US Government(it became global epidemic known as "afterlife" when people disappear and appear on new locations with new government IDs) became as people are proclaimed as dead and then reappear some 20/30 years latter...

I cite William Howard Hughes Jr. in 2004/2005, "one day I will just have government resurfacing me by showing myself to relatives as coincidence or something like that"(I think he mentioned sister back then, but am unsure about this detail - American journalists should check to see if one does have sister).

People involved in MKULTRA in USA were top US politicians and I was told back then by US Government officials that individual was well observed before final determination was made in respect to his situation(his behavior within society played main role in determination on what to do with one) and one is simply brilliant(when gone, William Howard Hughes Jr. have assisted US Government at large for decades, so we can't talk here about discovery)...related to

William Howard Hughes Jr.'s verbal farewell from me, however, didn't end just as stated here, but instead with threat on how when he reappears, I will disappear. 

US Government sure wouldn't mind me to disappear as one would do absolutely anything to accommodate Putan Putanowich(not only own dilemmas, but Putin is what worries them the most). Even Saudi Arabia and United Emirates dreamed about making me disappear for the sake of Kremlin(you have nooooo ideas just how close these two are with Moscow because they are concentrated on politic which doesn't compromises state security in any way). Order from both of these countries was "do not talk or say anything against Putin or we will make you disappear"(all explained in my international complain which I will also launch against these two states).

Yugo terrorists such as Vucic, Pahor, Mudza, Berger and so on suggested on how I will be given chance at this stage for establishment of new Yugoslavia via Belgrade and if I would't accept one(I sure do not as I do not want to have anything to do with murderous Balkan criminals/terrorists which have engaged in genocide against domestic and against population in other parts of ex Yugoslavia), they would export me like an animal to Israel. 

Red coated gestapo and chetniks(I see no difference between the two as two use same methods, are united in crime, and represent same option) are not gonna set any terms and conditions in my case...nor for me, nor for my people in Slovenia, nor for Croat people, and nor for Bosnian people(we have all tasted issues of Grand Serbia on our own skin)...even Montenegro kicked them out and Macedonia is every day step further away from madness in Belgrade and Ljubljana... 

Feel very sorry for Serbian people(each day 100 of them leaves tiny Serbia in search for better conditions elsewhere in the world) to be victim of total lunacy.

Violence and criminality don't pay on long term, decency and hard-work do.

OAKLAND, Calif. (AP) — An Air Force officer with top security clearance who vanished 35 years ago and was arrested in California last week worked for years as a consultant for the University of California system, former colleagues said.

University system colleagues knew William Howard Hughes Jr. as a personable, brainy number cruncher for the system's vast health benefits program, the San Francisco Chronicle reported Wednesday.

The Air Force Office of Special Investigations said Hughes was charged with desertion and is being held at Travis Air Force Base in California. They said he was living under the name Barry O'Beirne.

Official records show that O'Beirne used Timothy as a middle name.

"This just floors me," Judy Boyette said, a San Francisco attorney who signed O'Beirne's consulting contracts when she ran human resources and benefits at UC more than a decade ago. Looking at a photo of her former colleague in custody, Boyette was stunned. "My gosh, that's Tim! Oh, my word. That is unbelievable. But that's him! Wow."

Boyette and other University of California system colleagues said they knew him as a cheerful health benefits actuary and consultant for Deloitte in San Francisco who was contracted to work in the office of the system's president during the mid-2000s.

They described him as smart, articulate, kind and very likable.

"The thing I loved about him was that he could relate to everybody. Just a very nice personality," Boyette said.

Stephanie Rosh, a retired insurance manager at UC, worked with O'Beirne for years. She called him a leader and considered him a friend.

"He is very smart," she said. "Always had a wry sense of humor. Always joking." And when the staff was tired, "he might take the whole team out after work. A team player."

Neighbors in Daly City, California, also knew him as "Tim" and described him as a quiet man who kept to himself but was always pleasant and never left the house without wearing his San Francisco Giants cap.

Hughes was apprehended after a passport fraud investigation, the Air Force Office of Special Investigations said.

He told authorities after his capture that he was depressed about being in the Air Force and decided to leave, saying he created a fake identity and lived in California since he vanished in 1983, according to the statement.

Hughes was involved in classified planning and analysis of NATO's control, command and communications surveillance systems during the Cold War. He specialized in radar surveillance.

A captain at Kirtland Air Force Base, Hughes was 33 and single when he vanished, according to news reports from the time of his disappearance.

It's unclear if he had an attorney who could comment on his behalf.

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