Monday, June 11, 2018

About possibility of new Yugoslavia - just few points(will make detailed video on how and why)

Chances are extremely slender, but if it would ever happen, would not be under conditions which Belgrade and Ljubljana believe in.
Principles for new Yugoslavia should be based on principles of modern Western societies. Based on prosperity principles and not based on nationalities(rather than who you are should matter what you can do).

1) Capital of new Yugoslavia should be in Croatia(ZAGREB) and not in Belgrade as Slovenia and Serbia are extremely regressive and uncivilized countries which tend to use extreme prejudice(and violence) against other nationalities and often even against own population. Slovenian and Serbian past can confirm disastrous politics from the past(have extremely bad record and its why Yugoslavia have fallen apart on the first place and its why Slovenia as well as Serbia are falling apart today) and highest possible corruption at present. One disaster atop of another and unwillingness to trade criminal practices from the past for modern standards of ethics and modernisation....

2) Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) should be established which for the difference from the one in US would operate according to real standards. Violators prosecuted financially(no jail, just financial penalties as idea is not to promote crazy radical society full of tragedies, but rather vibrant and prosperous society based on rules of democracy such as is lets say in Switzerland etc....everybody makes mistakes, important is what one learns from mistakes......if he/she doesn't have job, then job must be given so one can pay....if violator don't want to pay, then in the jail with him/her, but one must have the ability to pay before jail comes to consideration).

3) Law enforcement should be trained according to American standards and abide strictest professional rules(what we have in police are politics and not police which should serve interests of citizens). Same goes for judiciary system. 

Society should be rebranded and directed toward educated(academic) forms of societies and as the case is on the West.

4) WWII partisan movement must be recognized as main value of society as we wouldn't even exist today without one(it doesn't matter what past of people was or what your views are on can be green, capitalist, communist or whatever as long as you understand who and what we are and why we exist)

5) I am for multiparty society and would push forward capitalist oriented(rather competitive and economically oriented society) system with strong sense for socially endangered groups of people(care for elderly/pensioners, students, single moms and those others in need). Scandinavian model here.

6) NO chetniks, domobranec, or ustasha movements allowed...again financial penalties apply(I have nothing out of feeding you in jail, but will profit from your hatred instead - read paragraph #2). Then jail and even loss of passport(citizenship in final stage is gone for you to get idea how much you are appreciated across the border by those whom you attempt to serve) is possible.

NEONAZI FASCIST collaborators known as Karadjordjević family(TRAITORS) must get lost out of Serbia NOW !!!

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