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COMPELLING CHINA(selling China A silence) INTO A NAZI CIRCLE: China ‘shocked’ by Slovenia’s plans to allow Taiwan to open an office

And thats what Uighur issue just as all other "human rights" dilemmas ran by Covid19ed West were/is all about....Chechnya, Dagestan, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan where mixed Asian population also lives, BUT no one sees human rights violations against them committed by all new ally Putin's mother Russia are also part of this sellout - did you know you can buy silence from West to degree that country of size of Ukraine is bullied 8 years after occupation of Crimea and Donetsk with issues from Western allies such as "IF RUSSIA ATTACKS WE WILL IMPOSE ECONOMIC SANCTIONS ON ONE"...silence sold to those who can interfere militarily with their Western colonial agenda in any part of the world results for West(in case of successful sales) in geopolitical and territorial gains in other part of the world and so it goes with Taiwan whose human DNA is Chinese and also of Aborigines which Australia and New Zealand wiped out from existence on their territories long long time ago - sale of silence to China West hopes for in respect to Taiwan which officially is the Republic of China (ROC). 
I call on Japan and China to closely work with one another and protect interests of all Asians at home and abroad together as what seems is friend on surface may be exactly the opposite in reality - and its far more than just about religion in a world faster and faster absorbed by hatred. Written by eastern European - not "white". 

Unfortunately for world, American black lives matters movement affiliated with racist South African government with both of its mindsets concentrated on profiteering through fake human rights issues(Their crime against humanity is sponsored by Great Britain, Germany, United States and many others) are pushing for WW3 at faster and faster pace and space for Taiwan alike negotiations will become lesser and lesser commodity on global scale....under Donald Trump IF one will make return(read title if West gets China into circle) or once cycle of colonization under future Donald Trump(whoever will replace one if plan A fails) is complete and minorities within system no longer needed, the last of otherwise primary Western task(hosts) will be completed. This too(last) happened already before....

@Taiwan - Global nazi(world regulated through hatred which is affiliated to DNA principles to degree I feel far more related to Asians than whites) sphere at this time contradicts(disallows) special/specific treatment of your situation as if in needs of becoming new American or British bomb carrier in extremely strategic for China part of the world. Problems with China deescalated already and now whole new round is coming up in which nothing is in it for you - regardless.
Americans(I was hijacked from bed in Miami, loaded in plane like cattle, and brought by CIA/MI5/Germans drugged up back to Slovenia time and again) would meet in this room for no less than 20 years with Taiwanese, Britons, Australians and others to brainwash through torture China(room was/is bugged beyond unimaginable) on why one should give in future extortion. Presented China as ultimate enemy and inquired over and over again during interrogation during which they insisted me how they will give Taiwan to China as per why they shouldn't and so on...with Chinese officials' presence whenever they participated, presented me to China as ultimate enemy whose views China should just follow or otherwise(tipped possible war ion negotiation table etc.)...ambitions with which West hoped for would finally obtain clearance(rationalize somehow crime infront of own public) for genocide against me if not already subverting me in worth less than animal obeying human being.

Janez Janša(KUČAN'S PRIVATE ASSASSIN - UDBA KILLER) who participated torture verbally expressed support for embassy already during torture setting aside as is evident own Slovenian who lost on his political ambitions no less than 27 years - Janša's affiliation with politics was for him of paramount importance when compared to value human life of Slovenian native - man most loyal to Slovenia in this case. 

With his criminal conduct, Janez Janša in is by far superseding issue of traitors.

  • Foreign ministry accuses Slovenian leader Janez Jansa of making 'dangerous remarks that challenge the one-China principle and support Taiwan independence'
  • Jansa had referred to Taiwan as 'a democratic country' and said it was 'difficult to listen to a capital with a one-party system lecturing about democracy'

The Chinese foreign ministry said it was "shocked" by Slovenia's plans to allow Taiwan to open an office there, saying it would damage ties between China and Europe.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian gestures during a press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing, China, Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022. China on Wednesday condemned plans by Slovenia to upgrade relations with self-governing Taiwan, a move likely to spark diplomatic and economic retaliation against the tiny Balkan country. (AP Photo/Liu Zheng)© ASSOCIATED PRESS Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Zhao Lijian gestures during a press conference at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Beijing, China, Wednesday, Jan. 19, 2022. China on Wednesday condemned plans by Slovenia to upgrade relations with self-governing Taiwan, a move likely to spark diplomatic and economic retaliation against the tiny Balkan country. (AP Photo/Liu Zheng)

Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian also said that comments by Slovenian Prime Minister Janez Jansa, who made strong criticisms of Beijing in a television interview on Monday, were "dangerous".

"The one-China principle is a universally recognised norm in international relations and a general consensus of the international community," Zhao said on Wednesday. "It is also the political foundation of China-Slovenia and China-Europe relations.

»Trumpu je šlo dobro, potem pa ga je Janez Janša podprl«"We have noticed that the Slovenian leaders have blatantly made dangerous remarks that challenge the one-China principle and support Taiwan independence. We are deeply shocked by this and strongly disagree."The one-China principle is Beijing's position that there is only one sovereign state under the name "China" and it includes self-ruled Taiwan, whose official name is the Republic of China.

The Taiwanese government on Tuesday welcomed Jansa's comments and confirmed that negotiations were under way for the island and Slovenia to establish representative offices on each other's soil.

"Actually, we have normal relations with Taiwan," Jansa told Indian broadcaster Doordarshan. "Last year, when we saw some good anti-pandemic measures in Taipei, I personally called the health minister of Taiwan and we had an audio-video conference, exchanging our experiences. I personally visited Taiwan four or five times so far.

"They are a democratic country. It's difficult to listen to a capital with a one-party system lecturing about democracy and peace around the world. You know, [Taiwan is] a country which is democratic and respects all international democratic standards, international law included."

Beijing considers Taiwan a wayward province that must be brought into its fold by force if necessary. It has warned other countries repeatedly against having official contact with the island.

It responded furiously to Lithuania after the European country signed an agreement with Taiwan in July to open a de facto embassy for the island under the name Taiwanese Representative Office in Lithuania. The office opened in November.

The Chinese government has since downgraded its diplomatic ties with Lithuania. European companies have also complained that they were facing pressure from China to stop using components made in Lithuania - something that Beijing has denied.

Lu Shaye, the Chinese ambassador to France, said in an interview with France 24 on Monday that China needed to defend its interests but had not cut off diplomatic ties with Lithuania, hoping it would "correct its mistakes".

This article originally appeared on the South China Morning Post (, the leading news media reporting on China and Asia.

Janša on coronavirus: Chinese authorities should be held accountable for this #video

John Janša
Photo: STA

"We will probably never know one hundred percent where the virus came from, whether it was artificially developed in a laboratory, escaped by accident, or is of natural origin, but we know that China did not act in good faith in the beginning," he said in an interview. Indian National Television said Prime Minister John Jansa.

Prime Minister Janez Janša took part in a talk show for the Indian national television Doordarshan. In the show, Janša spoke about the coronavirus and how to deal with it, Slovenian-Indian relations, events in the Indo-Pacific region, EU-China relations and other geopolitical topics. The Prime Minister and the leader also touched on some personal issues.

Before moving on to bilateral and regional issues, I would like to ask you about the situation with coronavirus in Slovenia. How is Slovenia coping with the pandemic and how are you progressing with vaccination?

It could be better, it could be worse. The previous wave of the past year hit us hard in the last months of last year. Now omicron is coming to Slovenia, as is happening all over Europe. Fortunately, the number of patients and hospitalizations is still manageable. We hope to reach the peak of this wave in the next two weeks and then everything will calm down. Unfortunately, the current vaccination rate is not what we would like, but 80 percent of people over the age of 50 and almost 70 percent of all adults are fully or partially vaccinated. We think that such a level of vaccination will help us fight the last wave of omicron. We are looking at Great Britain, Denmark, Portugal and other European countries, where they have a high number of infected and hospitalized people, but there are not that many people. We hopethat the same will happen in Slovenia in the next two weeks.

Speaking of the pandemic, Mr. Prime Minister, what do you think about the origin and power of the Wuhan virus in China, which has spread around the world? Omicron was discovered relatively quickly in South Africa and also brought to the attention of the world, compared to China two years ago.

Exactly as you said. In January 2020, I was on an official political visit to Indonesia, where I saw with my own eyes that the coronavirus is the main topic of conversation and publications in Asia. This was not the case in Europe. We will probably never know one hundred percent where the virus came from, whether it was artificially developed in a laboratory, whether it escaped by accident, or whether it is of natural origin, but we know that China did not act in good faith in the beginning. We were not informed of what was going on. We knew that domestic flights from Wuhan to other Chinese cities were canceled, while international flights were still underway. For example, in Italy, this was the first European country to suffer severely because many people from China came to this part of Europe. I think we will have to talk about this and the Chinese authorities should be held accountable for it.

It's true. Mr. Prime Minister, I will now turn to Slovenian-Indian relations. This year, Australia and India are celebrating the 30th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations. India recognized Slovenia in 1992, we established ties on 18 May 1992. The Indian President visited Slovenia in 2019, the Slovenian Prime Minister India in 2011 and the Foreign Minister in 2013. You have a birthday on the same day as President Modi, 17 September. How would you describe the ties between India and Slovenia are far and how do you see them in the future?

I am very happy that we established diplomatic relations in the same year when Slovenia was recognized as an independent state. Exactly 30 years ago. Since 1992, we have been celebrating the beginning of major international awards. And May, 30 years ago, there was a summit that we would also celebrate. Since Slovenia and India established official relations, they have been developing every year. I am very glad that in the last year, when Slovenia held the Presidency of the Council of the European Union, we also managed to make progress in bilateral relations between the European Union and India. I remember the good debate we had between the European Council and your Prime Minister, Mr Modi, before Slovenia took over the Presidency of the Council of the EU. After an honest discussion, we realized that we are strategic partners. Perhaps the relationship between the European Union and India is still the most promising in the world in an otherwise globally complex situation. Whatever we can do as a country for these relations, we will take advantage of and make every effort to achieve common goals.

That's right. Speaking of bilateral ties, Prime Minister, I have heard that Ayurveda, a traditional Indian medicine, is also a popular practice in Slovenia. It is classified as a type of complementary and alternative medicine. I wonder how many Slovenians know about India, Indian movies, yoga, food or traditional medicine?

I think Slovenians know a lot about India. I don't think they know as much about any other Asian country as they do about India and tens of thousands of my compatriots have already visited it. Ayurveda is very popular here. Indian cuisine is also becoming more and more popular. I am also happy when I meet Indian tourists who come to Slovenia, this Bled, this ski. The last time I met a family from Calcutta was skiing at our ski resorts. I think we have a lot of opportunities that we can explore, and also our economic cooperation is pretty good given the size of our country and economy. India is our second largest economic partner in this part of the world and we cooperate in many fields, in electronics, solar power plants, hydropower plants, technology. We are also happy that the Slovenian company is manufacturing aircraft for the training of both civilian and military pilots, signed a major contract with your government for the training of pilots a few years ago. We work together in many areas, not just tourism.

In September, the Indian Foreign Minister visited you in Slovenia. You wrote on the social network that you talked about the relations between India and Slovenia, India and the EU, and about the global situation, especially about geopolitical changes and challenges in the Indo-Pacific region. You added two keywords, #South China Sea and #Taiwan. What is the Slovenian perspective or view of the Indo-Pacific region and what are your relations with China in the last period?

This is a very complex issue. I will start with a conversation with your Foreign Minister, with whom we spoke very openly, and his assessment of the situation in the South China Sea and the Indo-Pacific region was very accurate. I agreed with his description of the situation, which was very accurate. Like most European politicians, I believe that the Pacific is the biggest problem right now, despite the problems with Russia and Ukraine. India is a key country in this to calm down the tensions that are happening there, are that the whole world, and especially your region, can live in peace.

You asked me about Taiwan. I think anyone who knows the history knows that China's legitimate successors fled to Taiwan. And we support the sovereign decision of the Taiwanese. If they decide freely, without coercion, military intervention, blackmail or strategic fraud, as is currently happening in Hong Kong, that they want to be part of China, we will support that. However, if the Taiwanese people want to live independently, we will support them in this as well. I think this is the main problem. Questions and divisions about Taiwan revolve around this, and I think we need to be principled and we need to work together. As I said at the beginning, India is crucial in this to ensure a balance of power and thus the foundations for any peaceful solution.

Mr. Prime Minister, could Taiwanese learn anything from Slovenia's struggle for independence? Do you support the proposal to ban imports from Shinjiang due to forced labor?

On this last issue, I would like stronger policies within the EU. Sometimes we talk a lot about this issue, but we do less with our actions. Due to its struggle for independence, which you briefly mentioned, Slovenia is also afraid that this gap between words and deeds would be as small as possible. We are firmly and continue to support the Government of Lithuania during the pressures that are taking place, because, frankly, the vast majority of EU Member States have one or another representation in Taiwan. Lithuania is no exception. There are some minor differences in the naming of missions, but this is not important. I think China has changed that. China has protested every time a European country has set up such representations, but they have never gone as far as in this case. And that's worrying. An attempt to isolate a small country that also fought for its independence 30 years agois scary. Officially, the European Union has supported Lithuania, and I do not think that any further pressure on Lithuania and some other countries in Europe will benefit the Chinese government. Good trade relations are in the common interest. If one side tries to harm these relationships, it might be able to benefit in the short term, but in the long run we are all losers.

Speaking of Lithuania, Prime Minister, how do you view China's economic coercion, which uses trade as a weapon? Are you, like Lithuania in 2021, considering abandoning the 17+1 rule, for example, or strengthening your ties with Taiwan in the future?

In fact, we have normal relations with Taiwan. When we saw some good anti-pandemic measures in Taipei last year, I personally called the Taiwanese Minister of Health and we had an audio-video conference where we exchanged the experiences. Personally, I have visited Taiwan four or five times are far. It is a democratic state. That is why it is also difficult to listen to the capital with a one-party system that lectures on democracy and peace around the world. Taiwan is a democracy that respects all international democratic standards, including international law. It is a pity that China opposes Taiwan's membership in the World Health Organization. I think that China would also benefit if the neighboring Member State were such an organization, because it was in this pandemic situation that we saw that the virus knew no borders.

So, as you say, you support the inclusion of Taiwan in the World Health Organization, as this is a democracy compared to China, which has a one-party rule. In this context, do you think that you will strengthen your ties with Taiwan in the future, similar to what Lithuania has done?

In fact, we are trying to exchange missions, of course this will not be at the level of embassies. This will be a representation at the same level as many EU Member States. Frankly, I think that if we had stronger coalitions in recent years, we would have set up such trade missions in the past, because this is a matter of mutual benefit.

When I spoke to Slovenian businessmen who trade with Taiwan, they told me that they traded with them, but companies in Taiwan also trade with mainland China. So they do it with each other, but at the same time they are opposed to the same relations between Taiwan and other countries, which is ridiculous.

Let me now move on to other issues facing Slovenia and, in particular, Europe. This is the situation on the border between Poland and Belarus. The migrant crisis is the first thing. And two: Tensions between the EU and Russia over Ukraine. Would you support direct talks between the US and Russia and where do you want ukraine to look, and NATO or as a buffer area between the two sides?

When we talk about Ukraine, we are talking about a sovereign country of 40 million people. We are talking about a country that has suffered a lot. The worst suffering occurred during the Soviet Union, when Ukraine was ruled by a brutal Communist regime and millions of people died of starvation or were killed. I fully understand that they do not want to come back into the rule of the same capital. It does not matter that in Russia, too, some things have changed in this time. Imagine if someone were talking about india or Slovenia being a tampon area. Nobody wants to be a tampon area. I wouldn't want any country or nation to treat it as a buffer area. It's humiliating. They're up to them. If Ukraine wants to become a member of the European Union, if they decide to call a referendum, if they vote to do so, they have all our support. If they don't want to, they also have our support. It's their sovereign decision. This is not a decision of Brussels, nor is it a decision by Washington or Moscow. As regards the talks between Moscow and Washington, I believe that the EU must be involved, because it is, after all, our neighborhood, and a large part of Europe is under the auspices of NATO. I think both Moscow and Washington need to respect this situation. At this very time, the European part of NATO must carry out its tasks, not simply expect the Problems to be solved by the Americans.our neighborhood, and a large part of Europe is under the auspices of NATO. I think both Moscow and Washington need to respect this situation. At this very time, the European part of NATO must carry out its tasks, not simply expect the Problems to be solved by the Americans.our neighborhood, and a large part of Europe is under the auspices of NATO. I think both Moscow and Washington need to respect this situation. At this very time, the European part of NATO must carry out its tasks, not simply expect the Problems to be solved by the Americans.

Mr. Prime Minister, the mountains have united you with your wife. Will you tell us the story of the lost engagement ring?

How did you find out about it?

I did a good research.

True, you did a good survey. I'm not going to be This event almost changed my life. You know, amazing coincidences happen sometimes. She didn't know where. One day we parked the car somewhere in the wilderness, and I found that ring on the ground. If anyone told me a story like that, I wouldn't believe it. I didn't know this adventure was famous. I think I mentioned it only once.

Mr Prime Minister, you are very active. You love up there, you are a mountaineer. You enjoy football, golf, skiing. You are a politician 24 hours a day, you also founded the technology company Mikro Ada. You wrote books, tried your hand at journalism, and in 1985 you applied for a job as a journalist. If I were to ask you which of these things you prefer it to, what would you answer me?

Right now, my first love is family. I have two little boys, aged eight and ten. This means there is no time for golf and mountaineering. When we have time, we ski with the family or run on skis. In the summer we also go to the mountains with the children. Maybe all this is easier when we are in opposition, but now that we are running the government, the presidency, we are dealing with a pandemic, there is not much time, and family is the most precious thing in our lives.

You can watch the whole interview in the video below.



As far as Joe Biden - that a republican wearing democrat sign because of whom Putin(next to mentioned people above) won everywhere for the last 27 years. 

Capitol Hill insurrection was produced(in consensual agreement with key democrats of which names included Obama, Harris, Holder) by both political parties 15 years ahead of event and was/is prepared from top US Government view to cluster/cloud view on globe from perspective US otherwise should have. Putin will emerge as a result as new Russian tsar(as evil as he is, he gets all attention from West and magically wins everywhere - if you are at stakes with Russian diplomacy, I wouldn't bring any Western troops to front-line anywhere) and as Londoners stated me a bit here a bit there...Biden stated me its enough US closes eyes in crucial moments - will TRY to hold key democrats for the throat. 

Biden will steer country into crises and Trump will possibly even emerge from those as victor....




And On American Capitol Hilly schizophrenia, colonial news lines up one after another - 'End of the euro!' Brussels issued warning as inflation skyrockets - Nexit calls sparked 

INCOMPLETE(work in progress) LIST OF TORTURE MK ULTRA PROOFS - what main stream media covered up for police(ignored so far on behalf of what I believe were politicians and often times their owners - royals/business people)


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