Thursday, December 16, 2021

RUSSO GERMAN EU POLITIC AND ITS CRIME THROUGH TINY KALININGRAD#2 STATE SLOVENIA: Ursula von der Leyen alone gestured have abused and will abuse European Union's transparency, but no European Union institution KNOWINGLY ABOUT CRIME investigated her German crime against me personally

 Psychiatrist Peter Kapš insisted infront of me in 2017 to my mother on money and this regardless of future case development as long as she would implement crime against me accordingly with agreement.

Aguero came to our house in 2015 to get from me cursed due to his exercise heart related problems he begun to trouble me with and for which crime I knew immediately additional heart related failure stuff will inserted in torture. Went on to do push ups for which he claimed has pain and can't do them no more due to gas let inside of my room - they played with gas issues since 2002 and have blamed doors from room as easy to push one in from hallway. 

On Friday/Saturday night man walked all over the house - have signaled me rough night ahead of one with flashlight from bellow on what I had to listen in the middle of the night for some ten minutes pushing(stuffing) of gas inside of my room - he had to loudly clear way for whatever he pushed due to stuff I loaded through holes and so it went and goes see nothing hear nothing know nothing KILL A LOT European Union.

Agueros earned Dollars $$$ for their servicios - Agueros got contracts/money for special interests(crime) - RUSSO/(BELGRADE MOSCOW) GERMAN POLITIC...

For Milan Kučan(mentor of Borut Pahor) not demonstrated as alone in THE crime and they always make certain PRIOR TO CRIMES for signal pickup(for me to read news posted in main stream media through which I was told ahead about coming crime for what is coming next) from my end according to MK Ultra threats to be intercepted - only once I red news they proceeded with one. RUSSO GERMAN POLITIC. There is your EU where anything goes bye.

I saw news about Aguero last night, but didn't count on what came as next this morning. REGULAR 3 HOURS OF SLEEP WITH 6 HOURS SLEEP AS LUXURY EXCEPT TODAY WHEN I GOT EVEN 12 HOURS OF SLEEP(something that didn't happen since 2017, but I have to go pickup the car 60 kilometres distanced TODAY - also involved in MK Ultra and identified).

How did Sergio Aguero even get into ligue with his heart problems which are NOTHING NEW(has them for decade already) is what real question related to him should be....

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