Friday, December 11, 2020

WARNING TO STATE OF ISRAEL: Benjamin Netanyahu called open fascist Janez Janša a FRIEND - Its also why from here on I acknowledge Netanyahu as a ZIOFASCIST

You can't be a Jew and support nazism and you can't be a partisan and support nazism. Janez Janša is a violent schizophrenic who Borut Pahor gave full authority to torture me for no less than 23 years, so he could cover-up his own blunders - it maters to me not whether Janša was/is a full time fascist or is just a Pahor hiding behind nazism - fascism is fascism. Calling him a friend will list you on my enemy list for lifetime. 

I call Jewish state to take strong actions against Benjamin Netanyahu as 353W 47th street in Miami Beach(building from where I was abducted repeatedly for 11.5 years) was 90%+ Jewish occupied building during my stay there - Jewish community knew very very well about what went on and who/where(was handed to nazis and transported to Europe) I was transported from Miami Beach bed - they participated in FASCIST abductions. 

With Netanyahu's reckless actions, state of the Israel is directly attacking sovereignty of Slovenia and annulling its WWII veterans pledge(ridiculing their sacrifice in war against nazism) to stand up for free world. NOT OKAY !!!

Janez Janša


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