Tuesday, October 13, 2020

German politic(Berlin - Merkel's bundestag) DEMANDED from me racism/nazism/fascism <== cried for one and even rebuked me as traitor if not obtaining its demands

But behind my back Germany played other cards https://ausertimes.blogspot.com/2020/10/mk-ultra-recognized-yet-another-kurdish.html as explained. Its how they got to seat at negotiation tables all over the world and by using variety of strategies they obtained bargains...from gesturing Italians/Spaniards on how they are unworthy to even eastern European as a human beings(its how faith of Alfa Romeo, Lancia, Fiat, Seat were sealed and God knows what other great Italian companies as selected CEOs deliberately jammed production), to British Rover(and everything in between) gesturing them how we all pledge to run entire continent via Berlin for common good as British are nothing special(Royals followed up again with selection of CEOs which ensured great British companies went belly up)...and outside of European continent on how it was not about Germans at all and how we eastern Europeans are even worse - principle why to invest in Poland/eastern Europe at all when one is owned by Germany as whole was also used all over middle East/Asia...Merkel was choking from joy when meeting me - taking me for a rides abroad. I was a horror that would come to your city - a circus that flooded one with money and humiliations at the same time(people died left and right - became crippled for life as well - you are talking about a lots of people - entire Trump PRE PRESIDENTIAL PLITIC WAS BASED ON MY CASE - GERMAN AMERICAN NEONAZI POLITIC INVOLVED IN AS MANY AS POSSIBLE PEOPLE FROM ALL VARIETY BACKGROUNDS BUT EVERY HOLLYWOOD ACTOR, NUMEROUS NBA ETC. BECAME PROFILED THIS WAY - SO NAZIS KNEW ON WHAT CARDS TO PLAY IN THE FUTURE - THIS IS WHAT YOU WATCH TODAY ON NEWS/IN MEDIA - THEY PROFILED ALL ORGANISATION VIA THIS CASE BAZSED ON WHICH SELECTED WERE CHOSEN INCLUDING UNITED NATIONS/ AMNESTY)...

This video to set record straight on Merkel's politics in respect to my personal MK Ultra case. Merkel sadistically gestures(laughingly and is when on during every session I would be brought in front of her since 2005 and up) claimed me infront of other Germans how I was already insane and no longer knew what went on...On several occasions she also stated how one day, however, I will manage to break through fog and finally liberate myself of German politic - but would be far too late for me bye then already - she admitted crime(what followed next is known as heavy ECT).

Other German politicians that popped up on picture gestured will be happy(INFRON OF HER) when i break free because they wanted to get their politic going pointing me that Berlin is situated in east Germany and German capital should be relocated back to West - Bonn. They begun to blame infront of me east Germans for crime and some to even cheer the day I would break free - obviously they wanted to cause as much as possible psychological trauma - German sessions were based on anywhere from glorifications to most severe humiliations and of course money issues.

She once traumatized me with abduction to Germany...they just dumped me into some random city in Germany on what  brainwash commenced on how I will never ever ever exit country again...that all I need is right in that city and would be like this for life...on another occasions would take me to Stralsund - remodeled SS apartments which according to her became exclusive neonazi nest(KdF seaside resort)in Germany. Claimed me to have fathered two children from Ursula von der Leyen - pushed me photo infront of computer and blaming me for betraying Germany in case I would what other than reveal the truth - turn away from nightmare.

Despite all this, I am no longer angry at Germans as human beings. I have seen many fighting for common good of humanity...I have seen Germans who married foreigners suffer horrific consequences. 

Consequences of own state policies. Merkel dreamed about taking(striping off) pensions of German pensioners (playing with sanity of young via employment issues) away here, stealing money in variety ways from German taxpayers alone what appeared to me as really vicious when considering amount of work you invested in your dreams/life....

There are good German people out there...they exist make no mistake. They prayed for me just Poles, Czechs, Slovenians, Russians, Ukrainians did - but Merkel is just plain evil and country itself is ran in a way that nazi is always on the top. When time comes, THEY are the one always deciding further and politic is always directed toward goals I specified on this site.

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