Wednesday, August 29, 2018

After Syria/Iran deal, mind of lunatic from Tel Aviv goes blank - Netanyahu threatens even with nuclear annihilation

Netanyahu(truly a sicko) doesn't understand even the basics of nuclear technology...someone should explain him what the difference is(almost NONE - they are all potent and when several hit you, it makes no difference where those were made) in atomic arsenal produced today in various parts of the world.
Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria were all burned for the sake of this...

You have to be insane to make statements as Netanyahu just have after you caused death and total destruction to above mentioned countries...even more so because Netanyahu rated others in region as nuclear lunatics and even more because its not necessary 400 nukes to erase Israel from face of the earth for good... somebody please explain(better replace idiot) this to lunatic. If Turkey would join Syrian Irani pact, faith of satanic state within Syria would fall apart 100%. Add to that Jordan and Pakistan and world will understand what time it is...
Iran’s foreign minister on Wednesday branded Prime Minister Benjamin Netanahu a “warmonger” following the Israeli leader’s warning that any country calling for the Jewish state’s destruction could suffer the same fate.

“Iran, a country without nuclear weapons, is threatened with atomic annihilation by a warmonger standing next to an actual nuclear weapons factory,” Mohammad Javad Zarif wrote on his official Twitter account.

“Beyond shameless in the gall,” he added.

Netanyahu was speaking earlier at the nuclear research facility in Dimona during a ceremony renaming it after the late statesman Shimon Peres.

Israel has never acknowledged possessing nuclear weapons, instead maintaining a policy of “strategic ambiguity.” Foreign reports have put the size of Israel’s nuclear arsenal in the dozens to hundreds of weapons.

Peres, who later became known for his efforts to reach peace with the Palestinians and Arab countries, played a leading role in the early development of Israel’s military industry and the nuclear facility in Dimona, which was initially portrayed to the world as a textile factory.

In his remarks, Netanyahu noted Israel’s commitment to peace with the Arab world while stressing that it remains ready to counter throats from adversaries both near and far.

Turning to Iran, he also said the Israeli military will continue to take action against Iran’s military entrenchment in Syria and issued an emphatic warning against those who call for Israel’s annihilation, such as the Islamic Republic.

“Whoever threatens us with destruction puts himself in similar danger, and in any case will not achieve his goal,” Netanyahu said.

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