Sunday, December 10, 2017

Netanyahu to me(MKULTRA), "Will just come to pick you up on our way back to Israel" - I to him(right now) and to Slovenian Jews involved in abductions, "F*** You and your state of Israel"

Israel is a illegitimate state. Israel is a criminal state(crime capital of the world) that was involved in my abductions. Israel is worse even than what neonazi Germany was(its in bed with one today), so read title of this news again. Do it again if you have any doubts about how I feel about one(it shouldn't exist).
How much did terror of Slovenian Jews and Israeli Mossad had on me !!??? It did...ISRAEL SHOULDN'T AND DOESN'T HAVE THE RIGHT TO EXIST !!! HAPPY JOURNEY BACK TO ISRAEL NETANYAHU ;) And if plane fells down on its way back there, thats fine with me as well. 

You are welcome(this news according to Netanyahu should help him convince his chosen people on abduction of me - again). Pick up your bones from Europe and go !!! OUT !!! WE DON'T WANT YOU NOR BONES OF YOUR TERRORIST FOREFATHERS HERE !!! YOU ARE A THREAT TO SANITY AND HUMANITY !!!


Netanyahu: Palestinians must face reality over Jerusalem
Israel's prime minister has said Palestinians must "get to grips with" the reality that Jerusalem is Israel's capital in order to move towards peace.

Benjamin Netanyahu said Jerusalem had been the capital of Israel for 3,000 years and had "never been the capital of any other people".

He spoke amid ongoing protests in the Muslim and Arab world at a US decision recognising Jerusalem as the capital.
Violence flared near the US embassy in Lebanon and elsewhere on Sunday.

In Jerusalem itself, a Palestinian was arrested after stabbing and seriously wounding an Israeli security guard at the central bus station.

Speaking in Paris after talks with French President Emmanuel Macron, Mr Netanyahu said efforts to deny the "millennial connection of the Jewish people to Jerusalem" were "absurd".
"You can read it in a very fine book - it's called the Bible," he said. "You can read it after the Bible. You can hear it in the history of Jewish communities throughout our diaspora... Where else is the capital of Israel, but in Jerusalem?

"The sooner the Palestinians come to grips with this reality, the sooner we will move towards peace."

Meanwhile a spokesman for the US Vice-President, Mike Pence, strongly criticised the Palestinian Authority, saying it was "unfortunate" that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas was declining to meet Mr Pence on his forthcoming trip to the region.

In Egypt, the country's top Muslim and Christian clerics have also cancelled scheduled talks with Mr Pence in protest at the US move.

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