Wednesday, October 11, 2017

ZEONAZI Macron's classic NAZI tactics are clear sign where France is heading after he shreds 120,000 jobs across the France...THOUSANDS march against French ZIONAZI Macron

Just as it was done in USA to increase hatred(tensions and financial struggle that as a result produce a burst of what will be NAZIM = as Macron just like Sarkozy, also follows AmeroGerman NEONAZI ZIONAZI agenda orders - Same as Theresa May in GB etc...he too is turning systematically more and more openly against Russia because he is irreversible part of global NAZI machinery make no mistake, he is one of the key NAZI players on global level), is now taking place across the Europe...Macron is illegally protected by French Police from French population which is violently subjected to NAZISM on behalf of French elites(take Loreal, for example = hard core Neo-Nazi family intermarried with Zionists...uper French class is saturated with them). ONLY(if possible at all - they are globally slaughtering normal people for the sake of NAZISM)...NO ONE, BUT FRENCH PEOPLE TOGETHER WITH POLICE AND MILITARY CAN STOP THIS MURDERERS(SERIAL KILLERS IS WHAT ZIONAZIS ARE) FROM EXPANDING FURTHER IN FRANCE AS UPPER FRENCH CLASS IS ALL CURRUPT !!! MACRON WAS PRESENT(SARKOZY AS WELL) DURING MY ABDUCTIONS JUST AS SCHWARZENEGGER AND OTHERS WERE - MEANING THAT HE IS ESSENTIAL PART OF WELL PLANNED GLOBAL NEONAZI AGENDA !!! A BUILDUP THAT LASTS OVER 20 YEARS NOW(IN MY CASE ALONE)...
French kids that are protesting NEONAZI French government get beaten up French police in 2017 just like this(hard to believe that just 70+ years ago, NAZIS slaughtered in France over 600.000 French people and they are protected today to freely incite French
people in hatred and force French population in struggle - in fact, they own France today !!!)...

NEONAZI Macron is not alone and he knows that...he is brazen just as Trump, Merkel, Theresa May, and others...he fears no one(for now)...

Chaos in Paris as THOUSANDS march against Macron - riot police deployed in ugly scenes

Strikes were held in a number of cities across France as civil servants, teachers and nurses marched in places like Toulouse, Strasbourg and the capital Paris.

They marched to mark their opposition to the social and economic reforms the President is attempting to introduce which he says will unlock economic growth and put public finances on a more sustainable footing.

Ugly scenes of violence broke out in the French capital, including the smashing of a bank’s windows by marked protestors were met with riot police armed with shields and batons.

It is the first time in a decade that all unions representing more than 5 million public workers have rallied behind a protest call.
Wide-spread strikes across France were held today in protest at the measures introduced by Macron
Turnout is an important indicator of public appetite for protest against Mr Macron's social and economic reforms, which the former investment banker says are needed to put public finances on a more sustainable footing.

While unions said some 400,000 people turned out across the country, police estimates across cities appeared substantially lower than the unions.

The interior ministry has yet to communicate a figure, but the economy ministry said some just 14 percent of state civil servants had been on strike and just 9.5 per cent in local administration.

Protests last month against labour law reform that were led by private sector unions failed to persuade Macron to change policy course, but the French labour movement has traditionally been more muscular in the public sector.

"We want to make our voices heard after months and months of attacks against the public sector and its workers," said Mylene Jacquot, head of the civil servants' federation at the moderate CFDT, France's biggest trade union.

"In particular, we want to force the government to make good on its promise regarding our spending power."

Strike notices were lodged in schools, hospitals, airports and government ministries over plans to axe 120,000 jobs, freeze pay and reduce sick leave compensation.

The civil aviation authority said 30 percent of flights at airports nationwide had been cancelled but there was no disruption on the rail network.

The Ministry of Education said fewer than one in five teachers were on strike.

Mr Macron, 39, has come under fire in recent days from political opponents and the unions for treating workers with contempt after he was recorded describing a group of workers at a struggling factory as "kicking up a bloody mess".

That misstep came weeks after he called those who resisted reform "slackers".

As crowds gathered near Paris's Place de la Republique, protesters held aloft a placard with portraits of Mr Macron, his prime minister and finance minister reading: "The ones kicking up the bloody mess."
Protestors attacked a bank in the French captial

Minor scuffles broke out between protesters and security services.

Police said they had made eight arrests.

Unions have been divided over Macron's reforms so far, with only the Communist Party-rooted CGT spearheading street demonstrations against the loosening of employment laws.

In Lyon, Force Ouvriere union boss Jean-Claude Mailly said he would not support the CGT's call for the labour law decrees to be scrapped after weeks of negotiations between government and unions. But he said there would be other battles to fight with a united front.

Mr Mailly said: ”There are other issues ahead: unemployment insurance, pension reform, the matter of public services.”

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