Friday, October 27, 2017

TIME FOR SOUTH AFRICAN NEONAZI COLONIZERS TO PACK AND GO HOME !!! goes in full NEONAZI mode !!! Publishes ugly lies to full the world about situation which is consequence of their historical presence in South Africa...

52 murders a day yeah, but not whites...there were no more than 3500(IF) white farmers(COLONIZERS) killed since fall of NEONAZI Apartheid(23 years) in South Africa and perhaps another 60.000 whites(thats perhaps 7/8 a day in a country of 55 million)....Belgian(where murderous NEONAZI Brussels is today) King Leopold II, slaughtered 30 million Congolese - what do you think NEONAZI Apartheid did where blacks were treated no different from animals !!????
IS it bad down there !!??? Well, that depends...they continue to steer shit against blacks(its their choice to stay), so it must not be that bad...racism in South Africa against blacks and even white eastern Europeans is just rampant !!! I have never ever seen anything as hateful and racist as white South Africans....all they live for is hatred. perhaps about and many other articles...I don't think there is anything humane inside of this white South African colonizers(regular Gestapo just as the one was in NAZI Germany) to tell you the truth...they are beasts...stuff that these people have done to me(white individual) via American NEONAZI John McCain is unprecedented and I even supported their cause....I wanted to see suffering and solidarity in them despite to what they have done to me, but it was all in vain for nothing....

VERDICT: this are nothing more than mad dogs(beasts) just as German NAZIS were in WWII....when you do stuff as here and claim injustice based on your historical extermination of this people is just bizzare-comedious...PACK AND GO HOME TO HOLLANDIA(Qlandia if you wish or USA/Canada/Australia where NEONAZISM is flourishing/booming and on whose behalf "white genocide" in South Africa is taking place - they are big enough for 4/5 millions of you) !!! THEY DON'T WANT YOU THERE ANYMORE !!! NO SUCH THING AS SOLIDARITY(FEEL SORRY FOR) WITH NEONAZI BEASTS !!!

China and Russia should be aware that US is preparing an assault on this country(continent) to revive NEONAZI rule...this is why open NEONAZI German phenomena in Germany today...this is what they are boiling amongst others...


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From famous(now hysterical as table turned around)

Farm murders: South Africans urged to observe 'Black Monday'

Johannesburg – AfriForum and AgriSA have joined the call for South Africans to wear black next week Monday to commemorate the lives of those killed in farm attacks. 

This comes after Chris Loubser, a farm manager on the farm of a well-known Franschoek businessman, made an emotional video in which he pleaded with South Africans to stand together in support of the cause. 

Loubser's video was inspired by a recent farm attack in which Joubert Conradie was shot dead on his property in the Klapmuts area in Stellenbosch.

Loubser said he knew Conradie from agricultural events in the area. 

He made the video in his car while parked in a vineyard. 

Civil rights group AfriForum said it "wholeheartedly" supported Loubser's initiative and would like to encourage their members and all communities to support "Black Monday". 

"It is important that people take a public stand and this action is an opportunity to do just that," deputy CEO of AfriForum Ernst Roets said. 

Farmers paying 'the highest price'

Presenting the national crime statistics for the 2016/17 financial year on Tuesday, Police Minister Fikile Mbalula said he was in contact with the farming community regarding farm attacks, and that the police were implementing a rural safety strategy. 

Mbalula said he had met with farmers' organisation AgriSA, which he said was also using its resources to help with rural safety.

"I don't want to argue with people about rural safety," the minister said.

He said while the reality was that there were people who were racist, "there are farmers who are patriots in our country who need safety and support from the police".

AgriSA has also called for an end to violence against farming communities. 

'52 murders a day'

AgriSA president Dan Kriek said farm attacks and their brutality must be strongly condemned by all South Africans.

"We think of the thousands of fellow South Africans who have lost their lives during the past year as a result of violent crime, 52 murders a day. Many farmers and farmworkers count among those who have paid the highest price," Kriek said.

He said 34 000 farmers were suffering the effects of drought, natural disasters and policy uncertainty, while also trying to protect their lives and produce food for 55 million South Africans. 

He said farmers were vulnerable. 

"It has long been time for the public and the government to take note of the brutality of farm attacks, as well as the onslaught aimed at members of the farming community."

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