Saturday, August 26, 2017

Slovenian government plans on my abduction to Israel via US Embassy in Ljubljana

This was one of the scenarios(threats) if I wouldn't cooperate with Hitleryahu's ZIOFASCIST coming about this subject. As you know, California "Businesswoman"(nobody and nothing - without any diplomacy knowledge) was appointed to Ljubljana by Trump(recommended by Melania personally - Melania is from my town and same age as myself as you know - they have sent her to Miami to bring me back home to Slovenia and marry me, but Donald married her instead and she turned out to be a real ZIOFASCIST "grab them by the pussy lady").

This female(Kelly Roberts) actually wants to live in israel(at least this is what I was told under MKULTRA and threatened in real time by her personally when in US).

She does remind me of Chucky(I admit) - Melania's personal revenge for my declining to sell Jesus Christ to Jews...all the torture - everything performed on me, was for my sake - am sure you remember my videos where I have stated to you this very fact over and over(IT WAS NOT FOR ZIOFASCISM-ZIONAZISM-HITLERYAHU-GREAT ISRAEL, BUT FOR ME YES) again !!! 
Scum that world have not seen !!!

Videos(two - tonight) coming on this subject...

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