Sunday, November 13, 2016

In America, insanity is on steroids, but who is paying for it !!!???? YOU !!! How !!!? Via Obamacare !!!

Beside that Obamacare is a disaster, what else was and is one used for !!!???

Lets look at this typical news with typical main stream media Hollywood that is nothing unusual for 96% of the main stream is news that is constantly pushed in the eyes of American public...lets learn what news truly is all about...lets see the hidden story behind the Yahoo/TMZ/etc.. garbage....

I will go into details about what you see here and we will also analyse frequent inferiority anger of the black women toward white women....I should rather say black rage against white beauty !!!

Perfect example of black inferiority anger toward white women, can be easily seen from the photos is jealousy based on inferiority and such jealousy in an individual or groups of individuals(it is actually entire race) is a severe mental sickness !!! It is known as violence inferiority or violentiainferior !!!

You will say how does this effect me right !!??? Well it does..first of all, I am certain that you have seen extremely racist so called "Black Lives Matter" movement supported openly by Obama...genocidal Black Panthers movement and so on...there were over 90.000 whites slaughtered in South Africa in most horrific ways imaginable during just past 23 years and there are over million of them stationed in white concentration camps(aka "squatter camps") as I write most definitely are heavily affected in each and every possible way with what you see and read here about, but there is one thing that nobody ever mentioned you or just how much America is burdened with this type of sickness...WHAT ABOUT IF I TOLD YOU THAT YOU ARE THE ONE WHO IS ALSO PAYING FOR IT ALL !!!??? THAT IT IS YOU WHO IS DEPRIVED OF MEDICARE FOR THE SAKE OF THE NEWS(insanity on steroids) THAT YAHOO AND OTHER COMMUNIST(word "liberal" is just a lie used to confuse people on is a truth divided, so people wouldn't react to one as they should) NEWS OUTLETS PROMOTE OUT THERE !!???

What about if I tell you that it is Obamacare used to promote sickness on steroids across America !!!??? What about if I tell you that your Obamacare costs are used to to cover costs of insane surgeries and medial procedures that violentiainferior race is using to change their appearance because they can't even deal with themselves when looking in the mirrors !!???

Tyra Bums is not and was not the only one that couldn't stand herself in the mirror prior to appearance changing surgeries...Michelle Obama and Barack Obama have spent tens of thousands of Dollars to look different...the worst thing, however, is that mental sickness as seen on this photos is in fact spreading onto other people and even more so when "first lady"is heavily infected with one(she have many other mental health related problems including schizophrenia, so this is just the tip of the iceberg)...

Insanity market in America is booming and believe it or not,  it is you who is paying for it all via Obamacare !!! While you rarely use obligatory healthcare services which you highly overpay(average ObamaCare premium rose to $408 per month for 2016 plans), they do not hesitate !!!

THIS ARE EXAMPLES ON HOW YOUR OBAMACARE PAYMENTS ARE USED OR HOW COMMUNISM WORKS(yes, there is capitalism in America, but you should know that only for top people like Rothschilds and his dogs or rather what are Rothschilds' servants = Bushes, Soros, Rockefellers...and the top 10% elite etc...for others is just a slavery also known as communism...actually, it is a bit worse even than a communism as you are nothing more than social security numbers - no different from sheep or goats etc...lets just say that you are the retailers and they are the post communist Eastern Europe, situation is no different...ex top communists are today known as turbo capitalists or oligarchs...they have stolen the factories with the aid of banks or what was denationalization process and regular folks are again on the bottom) !!!

EXAMPLE NUMBER ONE(taxidermy aka "Bright Ocular"):

If you do this, sooner than will be blind lie a bat !!!

EXAMPLE NUMBER TWO(brightening the skin to look more like white attention to minute 2.35 when chemicals begun to eat and burn her skin haha):

EXAMPLE NUMBER THREE(disgusting chimp or buffoon alike Kim Kardashian's syndrome butt insanity):

EXAMPLE NUMBER FOUR(changing bonobo nose and other facial features at your expense):

AND THERE ARE MANY MORE, BUT TOO LITTLE TIME...HOWEVER, I DO HOPE THAT YOU WILL OPEN YOUR EYES AND REALIZE WHERE YOU LIVE...I PERSONALLY AM HORRIFIED WITH WHAT I SEE ALL OVER THE PLACE...FACEBOOK'S  FRIEND REQUESTS ETC...PLEASE DO NOT AS IT TAKES ME TWO SECONDS THE MOST TO REALIZE JUST WHAT A FREAK YOU ARE WHEN I SEE YOUR PHOTO(communists be these days with their violentiainferior race "models" heavily engage in friend requests on Facebook - well, you do not appeal to me with your ugglier than uggly main stream media Kardashian is beyond disgusting) !!!

Back to our Tyra Bangs "model" and communist news network Jewhoo(aka Yahoo)...also your Obamacare costs...

What is your you think that it is right that we are forced into a communist version of healthcare which is used for what you witnesses on this page while you are fighting to meet monthly ends with rent, gas, car, mortgage and other expenses !!!??

Do you think that we should promote abnormality(anomaly) within the society at average taxpayer's expense !!!???


This free article was written and prepared for you by Bastian Auser

ps. my dear friends, hopefully this article will open eyes to many of you per what exactly is happening around us, so you can react as you should expect from yourself to act and not like a hypnotized zombie what the case is with too many mind poisoned whites as well...people somehow just no longer mind on the right track these days....wake up already !!! By the way, we(70% of us) are not silent majority in America, we are just silenced majority by Rothschilds' owned 96% media that serves his bloody agenda(30% of the population is US and about %20 in UK) !!! I love to take on main stream media that is designed by social engineers and their helpers(psychologists, psychiatrists, and other human behaviorists that are out there) is time to rip them apart entirely !!!

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