Tuesday, September 8, 2020

In Czech Rep., it became obvious I have nothing in common with mentioned psychologist

Things went far too far here because of insane intervention(violence since 1996) from Lodz/ Warsaw where I had to be repeatedly dragged since 1995/1996. I would be brought to Czech rep. from Poland all beaten up - demoralised just to build energy back somehow - depression due to violence was evident blatantly evident - was used(Bohumin area is full of lakes/Oder river) for returns back to US.

Whatever went on in 2013/2015/2017 also in Czech rep. on Polish request; however, was for my taste far too far. Its when Warszaw danced from all involved to take total violence in effect under MK Ultra on both sides of border. Unprecedented violence and zero responsibility for 23 years of torture/horoving/ public humiliations human trafficking. She was involved in it heavily taking initiative in violence as per claiming me how she has to find way for MK Ultra to go on by having people complain her about issues which they would encounter during torture in Czech rep. and for which she held me responsible in a way that those were allowed to retaliate even for obtaining a negative response from me during torture procedures. 

Good luck with next victim. If Czech will try same as Poland have done to me, I will just get one way bus ticket. It was a big mistake to come to Poland with expectations to help - do something positive in life for those for whom I deemed have had misconception about me because of politicians who cooked all this.

@Lodz Psychologist - I would be ashamed to even look in the eyes someone like myself if in your shoes. Shame on you and keep away as far as you can with your flash mobs.

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