Friday, June 19, 2020

About Mary Trump

She went to school to even study psychology because of my case.

Its like this, I wouldn't bet on her even a bit. "Racism" issue was a sugar coating for staying well in multicultural environment, other than that she and Donald had plans to get me out of Poland back to US via her. To know where Donald is coming from, all you have to look is him and his own products. There is no need to read books on his genetic.

Degenerated as it gets would like to shoot Mexicans in legs, condition Chinese via racism a slavery issues and exterminate blacks first via NWO plan....

Before and after who knows how many cosmetic surgeries - so you can see her in her "glory".

Bolton yes was concerned for me and Trump selected(was selected by others to participate in Trump's administration - Trump have to have him like it or not and Trump couldn't stand one near because he reminded him of MK Ultra case where one took my side against Trump) him to afterwards fire him because of my case literately, but Mary Trump not...she went on to study psychology because my case fascinated her so  much according to her own case...."fascinated her so much" that Trump felt day will come when will be necessary to perhaps even demonstrate that with what you see up there is nothing genetically wrong. For that matter Trump against Trump war would be necessary.

Verdict - Both are dangerous scammers and RACISTS !!! CALCULATORS

Trump is falling apart - and he knows it !!! Is using emergency mechanisms to save everyone on board of his fast sinking ship.

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