Friday, May 22, 2020

German bailout is program designed to bail neonazi German government out of this very case

This I was told by Germans alone case will be. Its not used to bail
out Merkel, but also Macron alike nazis. What will come out of one if adapted !!???? Neonazi Europe. Germans, French, Americans traditionally involved high political profile cases to such deals to get consent into silence about victims also from other member states...they repeated to me this over and over - not new. 

The real question here, however, is when will Germany(and those who sided with neonazi state as is even today) start to compensate Poland for WWII damages and myself for this case alone !!????

Coronavirus - thats made in USA(CIA)/Berlin, London.

My case will escort Angela Merkel straight into jail. Not alone when  consider Trump. This is what this is all about folks.

We as global society are facing crises indifferent from 70+ years ago history repeats itself. This case can either recreate or vanish world. Good news for now is that if only single state rejects German bailout, nazism fails.

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