Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Heart attack via Fujitsu Poland - same day after exiting hostel where heart attack was done during sleepl

Fujitsu Japan will be informed about this. Thinking about investment to Poland, see this video first. Goes same for people running from Kremlin.

Video can be also seen at
Polish state took responsibility fot attacks - its what became evident not only dye yo MKultra, but followed up after my exiting Fujitsu building. Not only truck, but some folks wawing hands insude cars, aldo waving me goodbye, and one individual/elderly couple wawing me at the same time bye bye wuth his hand twisted behind his back to the point I pointed out middle finger to whoever recorded that incident.

Donald Trump(if Trump at all) gestured under MKultra I cite, "can you imagine you have guy pointing finger at company like this blaming one will not get another job etc..

Poland used doppelgangers and much of the stuff in Poland was rather harassment - lie.

As I walked away, pan was gone within minutes. Everything. And seems like drinking milk and eating cookies helped. 

Libraries closed with state employees having fun inside...that Lodz major decided like that...

Is one thing this country stand for = betrayal. And one who pledges one alligance, gives his hope at mercy of his/her enemis. In fact his/her enemis will multiply with 1000 in one.

@Poland - we can do it like this too ;) you have done nothing for my safety - all to accomodate the opposite side. Trump is s*** yeah and some Americans involved in MKultra are working as far as I remember in company/next door Ericsson, but this has to do with Polabd alone. Those involved first in MKultra torture appeared again as last if you get the point. 

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