Sunday, February 2, 2020

Pompeo teaching Kazakhs about Chinese e$x$tremi$m - grrreat A卐 卍M卐 卍E卐 卍R卐 卍I卐 卍C卐 卍N DIVIDE AND CONQUER GAME known also as war on world

Not a day goes bye I wouldn't thank God for China - FASCISM MUST NOT GET CHANCE EVER AGAIN

Kazakhstani' war on China necessary because US will sell them and other Muslims afterwards to China a bit easier(obviously US is trying to get China on global neonazi board in wholly world against Muslim's world)

I cite Buckingham palace, Americans ,and Germans, "its simple...first we eliminate Muslims...blacks and Hispanics...then Asians and do cleanup in Russia alike countries"...

It works well.


Americans who meditated in Udabno's hostel in Georgia entrusted(teached me) me a secret to a comfortable well being while there during mediation process I repeat, "think they don't exist...think how beautiful and Aryan populated place you are at"...

You can see what Iraq, Libya, Iran(soon perhaps worse), and others look like...and its why I instead call Muslims to de radicalize and take friendly path with friendly nations...

@Pompeo....go home fascistoid. Go tell about dangers to chickens you eat and your neighbors in Mexico who fear day and night for their lives. You are the worst creature on earth right after Hitler/Mussolini/Trump and other mass murderers.

I acknowledge United States of America as a ultimate neonazi state till one cleans up mess within own system. No discounts here.

Clean your fascist mess from White House and on knees - you will apologize to me for ruining my life for the sake of nazism/fascism.

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