Tuesday, February 11, 2020

German nazism called out by China straight in the face of pro Hitlerist Merkel/Ursula von der Leyen's newspaper Der Spiegel >>AND<< Trump's Mr. David MalpaSS of so called "World Bank" not excited about helping China due to same German coronavirus "concernSS"

This is a virus produced in American/German lab make no mistake...its a bit more than just virus...its a neonazi war declaration on China and the rest of the world(Africa, Mid East, South America and so on - even parts of eastern Europe are on the plates, its just takeover via economic means which over time may grow into something more if only permitted) as is led by no other than
colonial Buckingham palace(its why I mentioned Brexiter Ursula von der Leyen who was a bit overly emotionally excited for one to take place). It is what I have talked(professed) all along took place and it is what is dragging world/humanity to its knees since the end of the WWII. Malicious hatred almost impossible to describe.

Why this type of approach...because it is important to intimidate China if you want to bring the rest of the world to its knees...I call India, China, Japan to stick together as much as possible and assit others in war against this anti human plague which murdered just 70 something years ago over 70 million people....


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