Friday, January 10, 2020

Pat Sajak, his 'Jeopardy Wheel of Fortune and finally MKultra's message known as GOAT - Who Wants to Be a Millionaire anyhow and no why/when

Pathetic Pat Sajak gestured "if I would" in respect to mentioned psychologist despite all...would be pronounced as GOAT via main stream media...ohhh well...I wouldn't expect more from neonazi servant(has roots from Czech/Croat whatever part of Slavic society) in US. 

Well, lets wish Mr. Pat Sajak and his viewers(who would have thought "Wheels of Fortune" could be sooo Hiterlitical as well) many many more years of excitements...shame/disgrace knows no limits Mr. Sajak.

What can I say - America - now, that is beautiful place. "Waw, we have a fantasy films turning into reality now in America"...

I am not proud of my past when it comes to MKultra(hate part used for division of Slavic society), but I will earn pay for one and this just as Schwarzenegger demonstrated in his "movie" could even be done.

I will still stand up for her regardless because its her land and world if nothing else....her home, her world, her Polish Russian child, her life whatever - her right to exist just as the rights of others from this part of the world. And those who came here with message of hatred(those who deprived me of 25 years of life and knew nothing after they got what they wanted from me personally were same those with repeated WWII message of hatred anger against this part of the world) should know better.

Not NEONAZI goat is what matters !!!

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