Friday, December 6, 2019

I MADE THIS HAPPEN THANKS TO >>HER<<: If I were American - I would group in a crowd so large that one would be unstoppable on its way to the White House

Donald Trump ruined(tarnished completely) American reputation. Country is seen today globally as #1 neonazi threat to the world thanks to him. He pulled along with him on behalf of Germany several other countries, but picture doesn't look for them all that promising from what I see

This was the news for which I was told by her alone infront of highest German officials will happen if I will dec,line to see again...well, the German way. Its game over folks :))) She even offered 60mil. to Auschwitz foundation

This is money I personally earned to Auschwitz and I am very very PROUD of it. >>HER<</SHE is the psychologist of my interest(still is despite Kaczynski's mobs) who was hated by Germans and South African AWB wing more than anyone in entire Eastern Europe just for being herself. 

She who managed to survive somehow in Poland thanks to international community...extraordinary woman is what you are. Never seen anything like it J. :)))

Perhaps over for Auscwitz, but nothing over between myself, and Germany. We just started...not ended. Loss of 25 years of life because this frau and her American/ Buckingham palace's servants, will have its costs.

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