Sunday, November 10, 2019

AUSER TIMES NO LONGER WILL POST POLITICAL JUNK - Will not cover truth about genocide against myself with cheap junk American news where anything goes

Political news did nothing for me other than created problems. If people become somehow interested in something more about this very case, I will assist(no free as the case was up to date - have never ever received a single dime/penny of financial support from anyone). But in no way will I continue to feed politicians through news that should remove them from political stages already long time ago. 

Will proceed with claim right on here by posting more proofs about most horrific MKultra case that eventually cost me lose of 25 years of life.

So go ahead and release you hunger(blood thirst) games at other news outlets to fulfill your ultimate dreams - goes for both sides(controlled left and right).

In America as you see, anything goes even inside of the White House right before your eyes - pedophilia, rape, shaming ridiculing handicapped people and crippling people, blacklisting people on job market and in other areas concerning life, neonazism, hatred, racism, grab them by the pussy(haha - sick you are America sick) attitude, prohibition of woman's basic rights to abortion or the right to own body/mind, and but not final , millions of people lodging inside the tents in forests/under bridges etc..

Country which invented myth about freedom(human rights) while killing in last 20 years alone more of own citizens(right out on open before your eyes and via media which is divided on left and right issues - both sides lied what and why is in their best to concentrate rather on lies than truth) than what Soviet Union(death of Slavic nations) did throughout its entire existence(news about shootings and camps in Siberia concerning human rights spread fast - nothing ever about what you have seen on this site and with your own eyes in daily life).

No more garbage on here. I charge United States of America(jail of the nations soon to become also what is known as European Union for which same concept of corruption is used - concentration camp known also as big Germany) , Germany, and other who kept silent on behalf of the two stated here with the biggest atrocities against me personally world have imagined as possible. 

The one who escaped,
Bostjan Avsec - owner of this and other news sites

PS. There will be a lots a lots of dead people this time(about 20 x times more than in WWII) around. Inside of your own countries as well.

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